Here’s a picture of all the demons that live in the “I”. Heh, OK not really but it’s about as photogenic as he gets, which is really sad. For every good picture I get of my co-dependent but vastly independent (in his kitty dreams) cat, I have like 12 incredibly cute ones of Vande. The poor “I”, and it’s his and his demons’ birthday today too.

Because most of the pictures of my cranky kitty look more like he is telling me to get bent in kitty speak, I present you with this series I snapped last night. We were enjoying a nice lounge on the couch (if your idea of enjoying lounging includes cats jumping all over you because they want to be on you, yet can’t stomach the smell of fresh painted toes so they tend to jump off of you fairly soon after jumping on you and then forgetting why they didn’t want to be up on you in the first place and starting the whole process over) and I remembered that it was the “I”‘s birthday and that I wanted to do a picture entry about him. Then I came to my senses (and he entrenched himself on the top of the couch so he could be near me but not my toes. Hey, love me, love my toes cat!) and had a good laugh because I have maybe 3 good pictures of Isaak and I think I have posted them all. Instead I grabbed the camera and started messing around with close up shots and whatnot (I have a most disturbing one of practically the inside of the cat’s nose. A big shout out for “macro” setting on the digicam). So I present to you

The “I” and What is That THING???

Wait-what was that?

Yes, that there! It has disturbed my rest, it must pay.

Oh no you don’t! I defy you with my Kung Fu Kitty Paw of Doom!

Get back here so I can bite you.

And don’t think about escaping that way either.

MINE! Fear the mighty hunter!

We were talking about cats Saturday and I was reminded of when the Isaak cat was a fighting bitty little kitty (all of maybe 4 pounds and standing a mere nine inches off the ground). He used to rear up on his hind legs and come at you with his front paws waving like mad in the air. It made him a whole foot and a quarter tall and ever so much more scary than when he was only nine inches tall. Behold! For I am much taller now and exponentially more formidable! RAH! We used to call it “doing the big cat” and we would laugh at him. Hmmm, maybe that’s why he has demons?

Anyway, you can see his evolved fighting style above, called “Kung Fu Cat”. He has a wicked paw and he has no fear of using it. Get him riled enough and BAMN! He will sock you with his mighty Kung Fu Cat technique. Notice how he cowed the camera strap, proving that it is indeed a fearsome style. He does it entirely without front claws too…ph33r his 1337 5ki11z!

Last Year at the booniverse: Besides, I’d want to know if a swirly green skirt makes me look like a marshmallow in lime sauce or not so I kinda just extend the thought to other people.

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