The First of Green

Frooty Crispy Rice Treats are more colorful than my garden…for now!

Not only is Today Cinco de Mayo but it also celebrates the first of probably many green reports of ’09. Real green reports as in “I actually did something” green reports. Which I did. Hard to believe I went out and spent 3 hours dewinterizing my gardens on my second day off, especially since I also spent a goodly amount of the day online updating. I got two backlogged things done in one day (but no JSFRs. Two out of a bazillionty ain’t…wait yes it is. AT LEAST I GOT TWO!). Go me!

OK, I actually only dewinterized 2 gardens and a barrel but it took me all three hours to do it. I’m dividing up the gardens into the two front ones with the roses, the side one near the porch (which doesn’t have a theme yet but I’m going to try moonflowers in there again), the side one where the daffodils, climbing roses and Eccanasia plants live and the two sidewalk runner gardens. Technically, the two front gardens are connected to a side garden and a runner garden each, making it really two spazmoidal garden areas (or two large garden areas with an arm and a leg if you like) but I like to divide things up a little to make it seem like less work.

Three hours! Damn those stoopid weed trees grow everywhere and Chinese elm trees have a truly obnoxious taproot. It’s at least as long as the plant, more often one and a half to two times as long. Fuck!-Ers! I would have taken before and after pictures but I was afraid any more procrastinating would result in doing nothing so no pics for you. Part of what slowed me down was getting all the little weed elm and maple trees out of the existing ground cover because they blend well. I kept finding another one, and another and lo! Another one hiding over there. I could populate half the Schwartzwald with what I pulled out of those two gardens and a barrel alone. I also scraped off as much leaf detritus as I could and unpacked the four roses. They were mulched pretty severely with lawn leaves in the fall.

I took a gamble over to the other side to see what’s was going on and unpacked the crazy rose since he’s really tiny. I also discovered that the two roses I thought I had lost Lazarused themselves back (yay!) as well as a bushy rose I dug out last year (boo!) Lazarus rose also seems to have Lazarused himself back again for the third time counting. Anyone local want a Lazarus rose? It’s pretty pink, a climber and apparently made of resilient stuff. I’m hoping the south side rose bed is a bit easier to weed since it has 4 year (I believe) established groundcover that is finally coming in like I planned. That’s right; I’m encouraging my periwinkle to keep the weed seedlings down, man. We are the plant Man…or something.

I really should unpack the remaining roses before we get more rain but not tonight. I have a new book!

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