I Deserve An Elephant!

Alright, I am starving and it’s not even break time. What up that??? I can understand the Monday before break stomach attack because, damn a work Monday starts really, really early. So, what’s with me giving my sammich the starving eyeball here on a Tuesday? One would think my body had Monday to get used to the early to rise and eat accordingly schedule but it doesn’t seem to have taken. Hrrrmph.

It looks like a really good sammich too. *drool*

I’m also really, really sore and stiff today from working the beegeebus out of my poor body last night. At about three in the afternoon we had our daily deluge and I got to thinking how wet and uuuugly it would be walking to the dojo. Plus, I really didn’t want to go to the dojo, so I started thinking about all the excuses I could come up with to not go. They all basically boiled down to “I wanna go home and plop down in the comfy AC and read! Wahhh!” (gotta include the wahhh, it was an integral part of yesterday’s thought process).

I really wanted to do nothing but laze home and curl up with a book but no! I soldered on and went to damn kid’s class AND then I worked out between kid’s class and adult class and THEN I went to adult class. Less you think this was all, I had skipped working out in the morning so when I got home I went and did an upper body workout as well. Damn, I’m getting all sorts of kudo points for yesterday. I rock! Do you know how hard it was to drag my Dont Wanna Go butt all the way to the dojo and then stay there? (well, OK the staying there wasn’t too hard but the working out between classes was entirely uncalled for and I DID IT ANYWAY! HA!) And then, AND THEN work out after I got home?

I worked really hard to not be a total lazy ass, I think I deserve an elephant! At least I feel totally righteous about devouring the last quarter bag of giant M&Ms. Damn straight, they were tasty too. My only regret was that I ate most of them Sunday so I couldn’t have more yesterday. Heh, belligerent righteous M&M chowing at its finest folks. BTW, the large “Shrek sized” plain M&Ms totally rock. I’m going to make cookies out of them for Badmovie’s birthday treat tomorrow, I’ll let you know how that works out.

So I am completely full of my bad self for yesterday’s exercise blitz, but I’m also kind of creaky sore. My legs were all rubbery during kicks yesterday (and let me go on record as saying I *hate* sempi Palm’s kick progression. Hate! Stupid way more in better shape than I am sempi MY LEGS ARE JELLO! STOOOOOOOOP!!!) and then I totally failed at this one kick bunki we did (oh so spectacularly too. I could see sempi Palm’s thinking “Hoo boy. Where do I even start with the corrections?”) and my punches sucked mighty mounds of suckness. Yup, it was one of those days and now my legs HURT! Wah, owwie! My knees are screaming blobs of anger too…damn, I’m old!

Today seems like a really good day to curl up in the AC with a book, too bad I ate all the M&Ms yesterday.

No wait, I have a bag left for making cookies. Hmmm!

Speaking of books, I’m finally over half way through this giant monster travesty (that’s a really good read, damn you George R. R. Martin!) of a book. Oi. It’s 1128 pages and yesterday after I passed page 564 I had to put the book down and do the dance of accomplishment all around the room. It seemed like I had been reading and reading and reading the book forever yet every time I set it down it only looked like I was 50 pages in. Read for 2 hours, mark my spot, be all depressed because it didn’t look like I had read anything at all. Now that I am just past half way done it looks like I’ve actually been reading. Of course, I’m probably doomed to be reading and reading and reading and have it look like I’m still only half way through it until I’m on page 1100 or something but I’ll deal with that later. I have a sneaking suspicion that this book keeps writing pages as I’m reading them and that’s why it looks like I don’t make any progress. HA! I got your secret all figured out now, book!

Other things happening include Rob’s birthday party bash on Saturday, which was pretty cool (and full of cake. Mmmmm, cake). We played whirlyball for a while and I came away with two solid truths: I suck at ball handling but I’m really good at ramming people. Everyone has to have their forte right? I’m a bit bumped and bruised from playing but it was a fun time and I might do it again (after the bruises heal). The rest of the party was much calmer and consisted of drinks and exuberantly grilled food. Hot dogs are supposed to be jacketed in black…right?

Lastly, I am sporting toes of color. I put on the first polishing of summer and my piggies are a happy green/purple/red color. It’s one of those iridescent polishes that changes color as you look at it so it’s perfect for someone with Shiny! syndrome. Ooooo! I may be so inspired as to do my fingers too. Maybe.

Alright, that sammich is leering at me, it must pay! Have at thee sammich!

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