Friday Random Five


ONE: Woah! Went to go link in the “last years” and lo! This is a day blogged every day in the history of the Booniverse. I was just kinda sad that I’m posting twice a week now and thought I ought to do a random post thing. Here I am now randomly posting specifically. My head hurts!

TWO: My head does not hurt because I read all of Dresden Book 3 yesterday. I touched it not! I might have started it today though but I did not get too terribly far. I’m going to try to stretch out the reading for at least three days.

THREE: I have a ton o’ Gardening plans this weekend. Tonight we dug up a boat load of irises from a coworker’s doomed iris bed and now I need someplace (other than in the makeshift potting buckets) to put them. I’m thinking of adding them in the fern/flower arrangement that I’m supposed to have already dug out along the back of the house (slated as last year’s project – was started ish with the choppering down of the weed trees. They’ve all grown back, sadly). Tomorrow we go get compost. Saturday we rent a rototiller and till it all in. Both things happen before 9am…why is the gardening world full of stupid early people? URGH!

BTW, I have rose sign on all my roses now. I lost exactly ZERO of them. Go me. In fact, I have another Lazarus rose coming up and a rose that I dug out came back so I’m +2 for roses this season. In seed news, the marigolds are going krazy, One uugly pumpkin has sprouted vigorously, the peas and cukes are greening and we dug around to find that the pepper plants are indeed slowly sprouting. HUZZAH!

FOUR: One through three were kinda related weren’t they? Do I have a random four or five? OH! TheMan made an experimental bread: Cheddar bacon loaf. I think it needs more cheddar in the middle bacony part but a pound of bacon minus bacon nibbling is the perfect amount of bacon. TheMan has some other ideas he might try out later so stay tuned!

FIVE: I am again behind on JSFRs. I’ve probably lost my entire fanbase by now. I truly need to sit down and knock two out this weekend and then two more and I’ll be current. Perhaps there will be time between gardening, collapsing and movie watching.

2008: I also have no proof that he ate any baby birds either but if the man will jump off my porch and stomp through my garden there’s no telling what else he’ll do. Our postman is the debbil!

2007: Getting so close to the magic five posts a week. Why magic? Dunno. Just sounded good.

2006: Rejoice in the Great Gardening Project!

2005: JSFR: Xylish Cirtus Green

2004: JSFR: Cool World (ice pops).


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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Any time you want to rototill, let me know 🙂

  2. boo Says:

    You’re on!

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