It’ll Make Your Tomaters Look Like Watahmellon

First off, Happy Mother’s Day all you moms out there.

And now: GREENERY! Sort of. LunarGeography and I dedicated our sleep-in time this weekend to gardening. I hets early morning gardening but you gotta do what you gotta do to get the gardens growing, which was what this weekend was all about. I still hets mornings though.

Saturday we loaded up with implements of destruction and headed on out to the compost place for LG’s free 2 yards of compost. She lives in the township so gets her an allotment. I do not so I mooched off of her good house placement and we split the haul. Did you know an extended bed F150 can hold about 2.5 cubic yards of stuff (compost in this case) if you fill it to the edge of the bed? We did not (know or fill) until we met up with the grounds keeper for the compost site. He was a gas! TheMan and I had roughly figured the capacity to be in the neighborhood but Grounds Keeper Bob whipped off 2.5 with such authority that was took his word. He also was proprietoring the place and 2.5 was pretty close to our WAG so good enough. Plus, Grounds Keeper Bob was awesome and the truck really can’t haul 2.5 cubic yards of compost even though you can fit 2.5 cubic yards of compost physically into the bed. Just 2 cubic yards lowered the bed to over half of its bouncing around empty height, which is pretty uncomfortably close to the tires for my taste.

It also takes a lot of shoveling to fill a bed of a truck with 2 cubic yards of compost. Workout for Saturday, May 9th taken care of! Except what goes in has to come out, especially if we were getting up earlier (ARGH! HET!) on Sunday to go get a rented rototiller. Thus, while it started to sprinkle we unloaded half the compost at LG’s garden and then the other half of the compost into about a bazillion garden cart runs which were dumped on my garden. Then I took a nap. The End (of Saturday).

Sunday LG and I got up earlier and rented us a mini rototiller. It was so cuuuute, especially compared to the monster testosterone laden beast of two years ago. Even *I* could drive babytiller decently. We were joined by Stalker Patti who is “renting” half my garden space (I am charging her “guilt me into taking care of my garden properly this year” and I fully expect her to ride my ass about watering and weeding) and the three of us spent the better part of the morning chewing through my poorly maintained garden plot. Note to self: Plop some black plastic over that sucker so things don’t start sprouting like mad. I expect if the compost will make my “flowers look like trees” then it might also make my violets look like an invasion. I need to stop that before I singlehandedly doom the world to subjugation by ubiquitous violet masters.

The next stop was LG’s garden which is so much more superior to my garden that it took us maybe 20 minutes to till her whole plot. OK, correction; it took Stalker Patti 20 minutes because she drives a rorotiller like a mofo. Seriously! I’m not a plant but I was scared of her skillz yo. Do not mess with Stalker Patti when she’s in the rototilling zone.

Stalker Patti and I made plans to plant the garden on Memorial Day Weekend so I have two weeks to come up with my grand tomato design. I may have to start taking some actual measurements and buying supplies so my hanging garden of toms is ready to go. Right now, however, nap. Rototilling is hard work!

2008: Too tired from shoveling compost to update.

2007: So…where did it go? I mean, it’s not like anyone can keep it on their desk for a year or two.

2006: Someone needs to sit them down and have one of those talks. You know, the ones that go something like: “Commander Sisko, I keep sending you runabouts and you keep losing them or getting them destroyed. I’ve had it up to here, young man, with your irresponsibility. Do I have to ground you until you can come home with all the runabouts you left with? Hmmm?”

2005: And two, (which I think really needs its own sentence that has a logical and grammatically correct sentence structure), errrmmmm, two I’m lazy.

2004: He was like four people on crack stuffed into one body and he would Not. Shut. Up.

2003: And rototilling? Come on!

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I took a nap, too! I was exhausted. IIRC, I took a very long nap.
    I am looking forward to planting…my potato seeders have eyes now and are ready to go.

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