Gray Day

The 3:00 deluge came early yesterday (as Alessar and I were walking back from lunch) and it hasn’t really gotten off its duff and left yet so I’m all sorts of sleepy. The deluge also didn’t really get up to doing its raining best so we’ve had pretty much non stop gray and drizzle since about 1:00 yesterday. *yawn* It’s a very hot cocoa and snuggle under the covers sort of day, which poses a small problem in that I’m at work. Come on coffee!

I am 41 pages away from finishing the damned book that never ends. At least it finally looks like I’m 41 pages from end of the book, which is a miracle since it seemed like I was perpetually almost halfway through. Maybe it’s like biking; much easier and faster on the downhill side. I’ve liked the book so far (and the series) but there are two things that are driving me nuts. Well three actually. One is the list. I suppose most stories have various forms of the list but this one has the longest list in the history of “people who really, really need to get their come-uppance already”. I kid you not, I was reading along and the ‘rotten character Bob’ (as an example) did something that made me so angry I stopped reading and turned to TheMan and said “Oooooo that RottenBob. He is SO on the list. I can’t believe he double crossed the main good guy.” Then we had to figure out how far up the list to place RottenBob, since Bobette has been on the list from day 1 (and STILL hasn’t gotten hers! Garrrh!), and then there’s OtherBob, and SmallBob, and BlackBob and CrippleBob (who we all really, really hate) and Bobette2, and Bobina and YoungBob and of course Bob.

My big AHHHHHHHH with the list specifically is that people who were firmly ON the list are now showing some decency. Take Bob for instance. He’s mean, nasty, despicable, arrogant, sly, boasting, incredibly full of himself and he gets away with all sorts of mean, evil bad things. Of course he was on the list, we ALL want Bob to get his. But no, Bob had to go grow some honor or decency or whatever and now when I look at the list I think, “Well, yeah Bob did that terrible, horrible stuff but these last two chapters he’s been doing all this good stuff and he’s all remorseful and really, should he even be on the same list as RottenBob? Hmmmm” Man, stop making me empathize with the bad guys!

Let’s not even talk about the chapter stops. Mr. Martin is ever so fond of writing GoodBob into a tense situation of eminent peril and then WHOOSH the next page is WhoGivesARipBob over in peaceful “Nothing’s going on here” land. GAHHHHHH! What about GoodBob? Hey! I mean, is he dead? You can’t kill off GoodBob (can you?), I bet he’s still alive. Somehow. OK, yeah I know the last page had him falling over a 4000 foot cliff but he’ll make it. OK, I don’t know how but don’t leave me hanging (hee) here! Come ON! Back to GoodBob! D’oah!

Oh and why haven’t we heard from IncidentalYetPlotImportantBob all book? That’s the trouble with 4 million main and incidental yet plot important characters, sometimes you don’t hear from them for a good long time. Does he die from falling off the cliff or what? Hey…what do you mean the next book comes out in the fall. But…but…AHHHHHHH!

41 more pages. Must. To. Read. Book.

I swear the M&M/Mars company is going to rule the chocolate world solely on my purchases. I made monster M&M cookies last night with the third bag of Shrek M&Ms we have gone through. I’m not talking about the other two bags, except to say Mmmmmm, giant sized M&Ms. I have two more bags of the things too. Mmmmm, cookies. It was Badmovie’s birthday treat (he turns older on Saturday, happy pre-birthday to him and all) and I made them according to the recipe (mostly). It calls for 2/3rds shortening – half butter and I usually am too lazy to get the Crisco out so I go all butter. Have I mentioned the many faces of my chocolate chip cookies? I have the distinct honor of being able to make the most schizophrenic chocolate chip cookies that ever baked the land. No two batches have ever come out the same so this time I tried to go by the book.

They were interesting. Tasty too, but they never really set up properly (or we ate them too fast off the tray) so it was darned difficult to pick up a whole cookie. Mmmm, cookie parts. I liked the big M&Ms too, very tasty even if it was a bit tough to cut through them when I was making flatted cookie dough squares. I wound up making the dough Tuesday night and fridged it for Wednesday, which I’ve not done before. Maybe that’s why they were so crumbly (yet gooey in a good cookie way). I’m going to experiment a little more on the Giant Sized M&M cookies before starting to question my baking skillz. Between the cookie crumble and the brownie taffy, I’m not especially proving myself in the culinary arts.

Other than that, nothing much is happening. Origins is coming up and I have a weekend of stuff I have to do before going; like finishing the cows and making the buttons. Oi! Why do I always leave this to the last minute? Grrrr!

Last year at the booniverse: Next week I’m not only off to Origins in sunny Ohio for the fun and the Smithee Awards and Bucca de Beppa, if the Smith-ka-teers are willing to eat there again, but I’m also going Out Of Town and Wont Be At Work. Very important.

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