Friday Fiveish 5-15-09

Alon don le jardin! Or one of them at least.

FRIDAY ONE: Wow (the expression), I do not update a lot around here. I also don’t update over at the JSFR either. People must think I’m dead. I’m also not WoW (the game)-ing because it’s warming up to Garden Season! True thing! My crazy leveling coworker quit the guild to join another guild because he thought we had quit Warcraft since we weren’t on for two weeks. Two Smithee-licious weeks WHICH WE TOLD HIM WERE COMING UP! Now we are thoroughly teasing him whenever someone isn’t on for a while (like 5 minutes) saying “Oh hey man, we thought you quit the game.” Golden! As I was saying, I’ve been gardening as of late and I found this fun little anomaly to share. In one of my runner gardens…the one in the pic to be exact, I have lemon and lime thyme planted (the blob of dark green and the blob of light green). However, upon earlier inspection I found another blob of growing stuff which was neither lemon nor lime thyme but was definitely thymish in nature. I puzzled over that for a bit until I looked at the runner garden across the way to see my regular thyme, which this new colony exactly resembles, waving at me all “Hey ho! Don’t mind me, just going on a walkabout.” Seriously! My thyme from one garden up and colonized in my other garden. Awesome!

FRIDAY TWO: My work hate for today is the damn-ass thin toilet paper. Oh for crying out loud, do we have to cut THAT many corners? I can see through the toilet paper people! It’s like sand paper for your colon and that’s just not right. A girl likes a little cush in certain places, you know? I expect a guy does as well, but us girls can’t shake and be done with it so we’re always doing double TP duty so we get first say.

FRIDAY THREE: Saw the new Star Trek. Loved the reimaging! (Spoilers?) Liked better: Captain Pike’s storyline, a smarter more thinky Kirk, LOVED the actor who played McCoy, the new Enterprise design which is pretty much like the old design but a little spruced up, the time damage which is going to bring about some really interesting things. Did not like as much: The music…can’t we have even a little old theme anywhere in the body of the movie? Then there is Kirk’s first command which…seriously? I’m good with the field promotion but if captains have a union I’m thinking there’s going to be a butt load of grievances filed. Just sayin’. I’m still on the fence with the slapstick. Funny but was it necessary?

FRIDAY FOUR: Beer tasting Tuesday! We are so planning on hitting up our first beer release party at the Corner Brewery. I am very psyched!

FRIDAY FIVE: Man I am on fire with the book reading project. It took me 15 month to read Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars which completely bollixed my reading average (only read 10 books last year and I just finished the last Mars book this April). Don’t get me wrong, they were fantastic books but the were really, really dense. We picked up the Dresden books and I’m ripping through those at mach speed. I think I’m on book six having started the series at the beginning of May. This may also be why I haven’t been on Warcraft lately. Awesome reads though…zoom!

2008: Slacking back then too.

2007: However, the measure the cornea thickness machine not only pokes at your cornea with a picky poky end but it ripples it all around, which I’ll admit was really cool to see from the inside.

2006: TheMan and I got our Saturday morning WoW on (the game not anything else you may be thinking).

2005: Thin MY ASS! Wait…

2004: JSFR: Ogontoh

2003: Busy reading…no time to update.

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