Pre Vacation *squeee*

Is today just one of those zippy days full of energy or have cockroaches always been that fast? I’m not sure since today is the first day in a long time that I have felt awake and full of zest so it may just be one of those days. On the other hand, cockroaches that can not crawl Mach 1.5 across the carpeting do tend to get squished more often than those that can. I don’t know, but the net result is that a whole lot of people and critters have more energy than they know what to do with (I’m looking at you too, cats. Don’t think I didn’t notice the crack crazy kitty antics).

The cockroach in question was at work this morning so the kitty antics and the cockroach have nothing to do with each other. Or at least they shouldn’t because if they did that would mean that I had precognitive kitties, which is all sorts of wrong. I think the kitties are wigged because we had guests over AND we got new luggage so there was all sorts of NEW THINGS! OHMYGOD! DO YOU SEE THAT?? WHAT IS THAT? THERE! OHMYGOD! AHHHH! IT MOVED! (oh, it was only you) WHAT IS IT? OHMYGOD!! Don’t even get me started about the whole “boxness” of unzipped luggage. It’s like we bought a four piece jungle gym for cats.

And why do we have new luggage? Because we are going on a CRUISE! Heh, all sorts of shouting going on in today’s entry, but a CRUISE! We had to get a suit for TheMan and while I was busy cursing over in the ladies section of clothing (which went from petite to woman’s sizes with nothing in the middle for all us in between peoples. Bastards!) he wandered over to luggage. Not five minutes later, after I gave up on the damned ladies section, TheMan happened to spy a 4 piece luggage set on sale. Well, what can you do but put down the dough (half off even!) and come away with a set of nifty green luggage of wheeled doom? Even the little duffle insert is on wheels! Wheee! They don’t have as many pockets and doodads as I would have wanted but I’ll take “on really good sale” over pockets any day. Watch they fall apart on the plane ride out.

I did get a regular dress-dress for a bargain (and it’s reversible, the deals never stop!) and TheMan found one fine suit and then let me play dress up with the shirt and tie combos. I showed my sis my picks and she commended me on my decent taste my first time out. That’s pretty good praise from the sis. She can match like a mad thing, my sis can. If she ever finds that she is out of work in her current profession, she would make an incredible personal wardrobe consultant chick. Long short, TheMan and I rocked the shopping house yo.

After we shopped, we went over to Alessar’s friend’s house for a hacked Diablo II fest of doom so we did get to have some fun Saturday. Alessar made 30th level characters with no point distributions so we went wild with the pointage and then kicked some demon hiney. Mostly. Well when we weren’t having our own hinders thoroughly handed to us on a demonic platter. It was tough but fun with eight people killing stuff. We had to leave early to hang with Mr. Paul but by the time we left I had this gigantic headache so we just went home instead. I think it was the combo of dehydration and eye strain that set my brain to boiling but after napping and drinking tons of water I was better by Sunday. Note to self: Drink lots of water on these warm days!

Sunday. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. All I can say is that our house is clean. Damn but we were a whirlwind of tidying frenzy all day Sunday. The rents weren’t due until after 5 or so but we were going non stop from 10 until Hey! They’re here! I lost track of how many loads of laundry I did but I think I got my weeks worth of leg exercising in going down and up and up and down and down the stairs. Two story houses can have their disadvantages, especially when the wash is in the basement and the hanging clothes live on the second floor. BUT, I got all the clothes, area rugs, blankets and sheets done! Whoot. I also did all the dishes (I rock the dish suds yo!) and organized the book shelves. Well, and made cookies, cornbread and beans.

So, as I was futzing through the book shelf (where we tend to put everything, mostly because the shelves have about three inches of space and they are horizontal so most everything can be placed on them for contemplation later. Which never happens until one of these cleanings) putting DVDs in order and going through receipts and other stuff that accumulates on the shelves, TheMan attacked the living room. I turned around from my measly four book shelf ends which I had gotten all ship shape and WOW! TheMan had the entire living room neatened, swept and swiffered! But…how…ahhhh….wow. OK there were some oddities of note, like the coffee table was perched on top of the couch, but everything else? Clean! It would have taken me three days to weed through and clean all the collected stuff (although I would have left the coffee table on the ground. Maybe that’s his secret?). My man can clean with the best of them.

He also cut the lawn, cleaned the bathroom and grilled the grillables. I think he actually did the lion’s share of cleaning come to think on it. Sorry babe. The shelves are clean though! I did a little spot cleaning and rearranging after his mighty living room clean; most notably I moved my couch back and resurrected the couch guys from their banishment so things is back to good. Plus, I vacuumed the four tons of cat hair from the chair little kitty naps in. That’s gotta count for something (besides pissing little kitty off when she finds out that her nest of hair is gone). All the effort paid off because we have a clean house! It feels great.

Mr. Paul, mumses and my sis came over for eats and general visiting and we all had a pretty good time. Charlie dog came over as well and was clam happy in the new digs. She even went over to terrorize the kitties (we moved the gate so that they had the back half of the house) and ventured upstairs for some investigating fun. You wouldn’t think she was going on 12ish years old with the way she was here and there sniffing and generally having a good time.

If things couldn’t get any better, in just 41 more hours TheMan and I start on the vacation extravaganza with our Origins gig down at Columbus. SQUEEE! It does mean that we are going to have to print out and assemble 200 buttons and redo the DVD and pack and take inventory of Smithee supplies and do some last minute shopping all before we head out Wednesday evening. Busy much? Oi! I’m beginning to think than the first time I’ll get to relax is on the drive down Wednesday! Ah well, I’m gonna be ON VACATION!

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