What am I on about today…oh right. Weekend recap.

Friday was the new Star Trek movie which wrocked. I’m hoping they do something more with it because I’m all twitchy to see how the new time line unfolds.

Saturday we did the usual WoW (the game) thing. We’re in the midst of collecting badges (we kinda do need some stinkin’ badges. They let us get awesome goodies) which you get by doing ‘heroic’ dungeons. We usually check out what the daily dungeon is since you get extra stinkin’ badges if you do the daily and it also really cuts down on the “what dungeon are we going to do ” decision making. One thing we are not good at is coming up with a final plan. Oi.

Anyway, we nabbed the daily dungeon quest and ripped through the place like mad crazy looters. It was pretty cool; here we were on ultra tough level and we were racing through pell mell and not dying. Well, not dying much. We had a few…incidents along the way but never a full party wipe and the deaths were pretty infrequent (and mostly Midglet who is extra crazy on top of our usual crazy). I feel pretty good about that, like someone took off our training wheels and we zoomed along A-OK. Someday we’ll even get a big people’s bike!

I also boogered around with Tan and did all the things I love to do on that crazy toon. Did I up my alchemy? Yes I did. Did I get hopelessly lost and ride through a herd of hostile critters? Of course I did. Did I decide to take the long way home and wind up in a zone way over my head? Naturally. Did I then turn around or teleport to safety? What…and miss ‘splorin? Crazy talk! I got a level in there somewhere but mostly I had more fun than I really had a right to running around like a ninny.

I did not get any real gardening done though because I am a slacker. The best I managed was a short gander around the yard in which I discovered that my roses are infested with aphids. The little suckers are thick as thieves all lined up rush hour style on my rose stems. ARRRGH! I was going to rummage through the garage for the systemic bug killer I have and a spray bottle for the magic dish soap home method of aphid eradication but I is lazy. I’ll need to do that soon though before those little green vampires suck all the juices out of my roses. I DID NOT PLANT THEM FOR YOU APHIDS!

What I did get done is photographing all my JSFRs. I’m good through the first week in June for pics and if I get my reviewing butt in gear I’ll actually be on time for once. I managed to write all the rest of April’s reviews but am still behind in May. I don’t have much more of May do I? YIKES!

Speaking of not much more of May, June is fast approaching and with it Origins. I need to stop thinking about Smithee show prep and start doing Smithee show prep before it’s the day before we leave and I’m still pressing buttons. That never ends well.

2008: Busy eating faces and not updating.

2007: There are a lot of faces out there.

2006: They always thought it’d be amusing to completely pack up and move out someone’s entire house save one small note attached to the fridge which had “Croatoan” scrawled on it.

2005: Despite having its own website, the Hugos do not have a simple listing of Novel winners by year. Frustrating.

2004: On the other hand, I played stuff-it today and simply by rearranging some margins, cells widths and headers (the font was a tiny as it could go), I gained four more pages of space to put stuff.

2003: 6.7 billion faces in the whole world, no wonder I didn’t update.

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