Like Fighting a Jalapeno WITH YOUR EYES!!

Vande is unimpressed with Giant Pixie Stix.

Hello, hello, hello! Speaking of peppers, I have quite a lot of peppers brewing in the seedling trays. I managed to sprout 11 cayenne peppers from last year’s seeds and 4 dragon Thai peppers. Apparently the raft of random hot peppers is also doing well but not ready to plant in their permanent pepper home. Note to self: Start peppers much earlier.

As long as we’re talking plants, this weekend is the big planting weekend. LunarGeography and I are heading on out to Coleman’s to pick up some big tomato plants (we’ve got quite a lot of the small ones seedlinging away), a flat or seventeen of impatients, marigolds, petunias, what-have-you. I have to construct my hanging garden of tomato this weekend too which should be much better thought out than it currently is. Perhaps I’ll do some designing tonight, or wimp out and buy a bunch of tall shepherd’s hooks tomorrow to hang my tomato baskets from. I still need to even start chopping out the back house garden. ARGH!

JSFRs are chugging along. I have to write up three more reviews to be up to date with this weekend which I might can do. More likely I’ll wind up post dating this Saturday’s review sometime this Sunday but darn it all, I want to be current on that project. I hate when I go to my favorite bookmarks and nobody’s updating and the other day I realized, “Hey! That’s me over at the JSFR!” Not cool.

So far, 0 in 2 on projects. Hrrmph.

Topic shift! TheMan was telling me that the gas peeps, who I loathe with an utter contemptuous HATE!, jacked up the prices because, [whine] ‘Nobody’s buying gas so we have this huge stockpile of oil sitting there and the refineries aren’t running at efficiency which is costing us money!’ [/whine]

Excuse me? Let me get this straight: The gas consuming public finally gets fed up with having its balls in a vice and says “That’s it; I’m staying home to save money.” So the oil companies raise the price of gas because they have too much of it now? This makes me even more convinced that the Oil Moguls have a giant magic 8 ball which they look to for the price jacking excuse do jour:

“Why shall we raise the prices of gas this week O magic 8-ball?”
“Signs point to: Looks like some unrest in the Middle East may cause the flow of oil to be hampered. This has the potential to bring the cost per barrel up, we better get on raising prices so we’re not caught with our pants down if this happens!”

“Why shall we raise the prices of gas this week O magic 8-ball?”
“Reply hazy: I estimate a lot of people are going to be vacationing this holiday weekend and that means they will be buying gas. This could lead to a high demand for oil so we’d better be prepared for that.”

“Why shall we raise the prices of gas this week O magic 8-ball?”
“Outlook not so good: Daaaaaang, I guess I was wrong about the whole driving thing ‘cuz now we have a shit load of oil not going anywhere. Let’s blame the price hike on people not buying our goods, that’ll show them to be more conscious of their spending!”

Fuckin-A people, why don’t they just come out and say “Woah…we can’t really come up with a semi-plausible excuse for raising the price of gas and our profits have fallen to a paltry three million above cost. That’s not acceptable!” You don’t spend years whining about how the lack of oil is causing you to have to bring prices up and then do the same damned thing when you have too much of it. That’s just insulting. If I could, I’d totally go all beef industry on your asses for this. Sadly, my electric car of awesome is not quite made yet.

Soon though. Very soon you gas guzzling Oil Mogul bastards. PEPPERS! To the EYES!

Topic shift number two! Do you know what I’m going to bring to the Memorial Day Cook-out? Grilled cheesecake sammiches! Badmovie found a link to this awesome “recipe” in which you take 2 slices of pound cake, prep them like you would grilled cheese sammich bread, put a thin slice of cheesecake between them (your “cheese” layer if you will) and then grill the pound cake until it’s all crispy golden and the cheesecake has melted. Yum! This needs to be experimented and I feel I am up to the task of Kitchen! Science! I’ll take pics and let you know if it was as good as it sounds like it should be.

I think I’m all out of talks so I’ll let you go for now. GRILLED CHEESECAKE!

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2003: I was right bummed because not only is it a pretty handy thing for popping the doors or trunk but the key flips out for driving and back for storage with the single press of a button. [snikt] DRIVE! [snikt] FOB!

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  1. Erin from Iowa Says:

    …giant magic 8 ball which they look to for the price jacking excuse do jour:

    Comedy gold.

  2. Boo Says:

    Heh…thanks Erin!

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