A Thursday Kind of Tuesday

Twenty Four hours! This is me doing the happy squee dance [*HappySqueeDance*] and this is me also annoying every living person within a three mile radius. *HappySquee* *HappySquee* Hey, I can enlarge my annoyance radius with the help of the internet! Whoo! Have a *HappySquee* on account, you internet readers. There is enough *HappySquee* for everyone.

Heh. Man, I must be a touch ADD or something because I get all sorts of excited by trips. Maybe I’m part dog (ohboyohboyohboy! Going for a ride! ohboyohboyohboy!) or three year old because I was anticipatory wiggly starting yesterday and there is still a day to go. If I had a tail I’d be wagging it for all my worth. LOOK! I’m going on a TRIP! *WagWagWag* Hee, there’s an image.

All this energy has proven to be beneficial however, we are organized, supplied and partially staged. I spent yesterday going through all the Smithee pens and chucking the ones that no longer wrote (or had exploded or mysteriously lost their ink stick. We had all three kinds) plus I loaded up the Smithee bin with paper in violent shades of yellow, pink and beige. Yes, violent beige. I wouldn’t think you could do that to beige but there it is. I think it has something to do with the close proximity to the yellow and the weight of the paper. The box is almost set and ready to pack; I just have to add the cows and rearrange the innards. There’s an interesting out of context sentence.

This morning I winged vegan banana bread for a meeting later today and it turned out quite tasty. I have egg replacer but the recipe called for both butter and butter milk and I was out of Crisco and had no clue about the buttermilk replacement. Oh yeah, and I had no flour except the bag of whole wheat stuff but you know, whole wheat will work for a whole lot of recipes. Trust me, I ran out in the middle of making cookies Sunday and they turned out just fab with partial whole wheat. As did the corn bread. Evidently, whole wheat flour does the trick in banana bread too. So, I just threw in some veggie oil in hopes that it would work for the butter component and I shorted the flour and just ditched the whole buttermilk idea. It works and it’s tasty. At the moment one loaf is cooling in my office and the smell of baked banana bread is quite pervasive. Ahhhh. Except, now I’m hungry.

In a fit of waiting for the bread to cook and wondering what all was on the list to do before we left Wednesday, I did the dishes from last night’s dinner and this morning’s baking extravaganza. I had already done the dishes from Sunday last night even though the damned espresso maker components sliced the beegeebus out of my pinky finger. Do you know how hard it is to wash dishes one handed? Man! Do you also know how much a sorta fresh gash on ones pinky stings when subjected to hot soapy dish water the next morning! Owwie! So I started gathering all the miscellaneous stuff we wanted to take with us! Yeah, I know, Freak! But at least we don’t have to do it tonight AND my pinky wasn’t nearly as angry about gathering games and food as it was about washing dishes. It’s all about pleasing the pinky.

Aaaaaaand another one of those strange out of context sentences. Booniverse: Providing you with your total RDA of bizarre out of context sentences.

All we have left to do is pack, recheck our portables and tomorrow we load up the bug. BoooYAW!

I leave you with these photos: The cats know.

(It really is in focus, he is just so cranked off by the Uproar That Is Me Spazzing that waves of disgust have altered the image).

Was there ever a more cranky cat than this? I think not.

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