Memorial Weekend Gardening

More Green Report for you because I *know* y’all have been on! edge! about my garden. Saturday morning at ass-crack o’clock LunarGeography and I headed out to Lowe’s for some general gardening supplies (dirt, shovel, bucket, whatever) and then we zoomed on over to Coleman’s way far down on Michigan Ave. (versus the Coleman’s right near on Michigan Ave. Confusing!). We were on a mission for a couple flats of annuals, some big tomatoes and wave petunias. I also thought I might as well grab a bleeding heart bush to match the right hand barrel. I’m all about the symmetry and those barrels are killing me.

My first barrel iteration, when I only had the left one, had Columbine and something flowy-over-the barrel which didn’t. The Columbine died over the winter so I planted a bleeding heart in both barrels the next spring and some sort of trumpety looking flowy-over-the barrel thing which actually did fairly well. The left side bleeding heart died and I thought the right side one had too but by the time I went out for plants there was some signs of life. Coleman’s didn’t have bleeding hearts that year so I got Obedience plant for the left barrel and wave petunias for both barrels to flow over all flowy like. This spring the Right side bleeding heart went bonkers while the Obedience plant went badly feral and the long dead Columbine showed back up and brought several other things with it. In the year of ripping things out, I totally nixed the left side barrel and started over with a nice sized bleeding heart and wave petunias again. I like the wave petunias, I think I’ll keep up with them.

I also picked up the standard marigolds to plant along my sidewalk. My pinks, which are supposed to run along the tops of the runner gardens, down the other sides and along the left rose garden (don’t ask), struggle for the third year in a row to do anything that looks like they weren’t randomly tossed around by a lazy flower fairy. The Alyssium that used to border the right hand rose garden went on holiday and hasn’t come back. Thus, my rose garden borders consist of about five pinks and some random Columbine that couldn’t be arsed to make it back into the barrel. I do not have the plant patience to care about the damned rose garden borders this year so whatever, plants. Bite me.

The one thing I am quite happy about is the rose gardenage. I lost no roses and all 12 of them are coming back strong. I squirtched them with aphid-be-dead Saturday and picked up some granular rose food and bug killer soil additive while out shopping. The left rose garden, which is the more established one, has a nice thick cover of myrtle which makes me pat my gardening self on the back. I grew that! I expect the right rose garden, which is a year off, will look the same come this fall. I did a little thinning and transplanting in the bald spots to help things along but I think the rose gardens are going as planned and getting pretty to boot.

Also, in the year of ripping things out, I decided that I wanted both runner gardens to looks similarish so I bought some wooly time to replace the oregano that was growing next to the regular time and I got some low flowing critters to replace the sweet woodruff and match the flox in the other garden. Now both gardens have two kinds of thyme and two kinds of low flowing plants, a rose and a bucket. Symmetry! I think I’m going to like this set up better.

The side garden remained pretty much the same as last year. I bought some replacement English daises along with some Seaside daises (which look to be similar) for groundcover around the climbing roses. Maybe they will actually live if I water them this summer! I also stuck in a row of triffid sunflowers which perked up nicely once they were all planted and watered. I did have one plant fatality I think; I seem to be missing a coneflower in my conga line of coneflowers.

We also got some food plants and now I have a garden with more hot peppers than you can shake a fist at (including jalapeƱos AND giant jalapeƱos (for stuffing!)), hanging tomato plants, sweet peppers, cukes, ugly pumpkins and winter squash. StalkerPatti planted potatoes and ran out of room. That’s about 10 feet by 20 feet of potatoes in case you wondered. Girl likes her some taters!

Lastly, I ripped out my square foot garden, added more soil, divided my chives and replanted the other two herbs that were growing in there (lavage and horehound. The winter took a toll on a lot of my herbs, sadly). Then I went and helped LunarGeography plant her gardens. I’m kinda sore.

2008: Too sore to update.

2007: Or maybe it’s too many hot peppers to update.

2006: It does amuse me though, that our neighbors are trying to sell their house in the middle of my “let’s totally rip up everything in the front, make it look like ASS for a while before replanting it” project.

2005: Oh wait, I’m going to blame StalkerPatti and her three gazillion potatoes!

2004: However, something wasn’t quite right about the whole picture because it was certainly the strangest piece of meat I’d ever seen.

2003: But mostly it’s my own laziness that keeps me from blogging.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    LG is doing something cooler with the potatoes in a bukkit. That is awesome.

    I love potatoes and, if we are all starving, you’d want to have lots of potatoes to tide you over b/c the other veggies don’t have enough calories to sustain in the times of famine. This is all my f’ed up DNA….1/2 Eastern European Jew (tend to stockpile and prepare for things) and 1/2 Irish (potato famine). Do you see why I’m sometimes messed up in the head??

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