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Water, wine, women and JAMMIES!

Holy WA my upper digestive track is on fire! I got me some hot water (yes, I drink hot water. I actually kinda like hot water and sometimes I go out of my way to get me a cup of the tasty stuff so go take your “ewww” somewhere else thankyouverymuch) and in an absent minded motion I grabbed the mug and took a big ol’ sip. HOT WATER! Ow! Owowowowowowowow hot hot hot OW! And then? And then I swallowed it because you know, the best thing to do when you have a mouth full of liquid lava is to gulp it down. That way it doesn’t burn your mouth anymore!

What a bright idea! After I was able to straighten up from par boiling my stomach I thought to myself Why? Why do I do this? Why do other people do this (and I have seen it done on occasion so it”s not just me)? Has society rammed into our heads that down is a much more polite way of getting rid of a mouth full of unpleasantness than out? Because I still hurt from my polite gulp of plasma water and I really feel like finding the gentle man or lady who thought that the swallow reflex would be the prim and proper response and giving them a good pummel. On the plus side, once I grow a new mouth, esophagus and stomach lining it’ll be all pink and pretty like new!

Wooly lammie jammies! (freekin Word, if I had wanted jimmies wouldn’t I have typed jimmies? Hmmm?) Heh, we were having one of those fun romantic evenings that started with a little night cap and some kissin and smoochin after. I was more about finishing my drink and then all about the kissin and the smoochin while TheMan was more about errr…well more about making sure I wasn’t too warm in my button down shirt *winkwink nudgenudge*. So I told him of he didn’t quit and let me down my drink I’d have to go get on my least attractive (and accessible) pair of jammies until I was through drinking. Not that these jams are hideous, au contrair I think they are kinda cute but they are not suggestive in any way that traditional slinky night wear might be. They are a two piece pink flannel footie jams with sleeping sheep on them. So of course I told him I’d have to put on my lamb jammies which mutated into wooly lammie jammies by the end of the whole thing. Which also led to burlap negligee but that one was totally from TheMan space. I had nothing to do with that creation what-so-ever. Hee, lammie jammies!

And then I spilled my drink. All over. Cold cold cold! There are places on my person I’d just rather not spill rum on M’kay? Let that be a lesson to you, drinking and jammies do not mix! Heh, I just realized that TheMan posted an entry about DWB (Drinking while blogging) a couple days ago (and still hasn’t explained the dingos…another TheMan space creation I might add) and I had the three and a glass halvsies of wine. That coupled with the 4 dead bottles I moved into the trash make us look like boozers.

Which reminds me, I ought to put something up about our wine ratings. Hmmm…

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