Day 1: Investigation

The bottom button says it all.

Nobody told me the dealer room opened at 1:00 today…WAH! I was all fired up to go spend some moNAY when we sauntered out at 11ish but alas. TheMan and I ducked into the miniatures room to pass the time and looked on while a table full of people played Silent Death. It’s a space game put out by Red Shirt Games in which you have ships and either blow them up (the other guys ships that is, although I’m not dissing the merit of blowing up your own ships. To each their own) or do some sort of strategy mission and there are dice. As you can see, I’m not entirely versed in the intricacies of the game but TheMan has convinced me to try a registered event of Silent Death tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that goes, but today was all about the spending.

But first, for your amusement and totally all about my amusement, this is another Red Shirt Game.

The castle structure in the middle is actually a hole in the table arrangement (where the referee or the Guy Who Knows Everything can stand and direct the action) and all around it are mock ups of the dealer room. Hee! There’s a little Chessex booth with rows and rows of tiny dice, a little Looney Labs booth with a giant Fluxx display thing (which is in actuality a Fluxx deck card box, but it looks like a giant display thing given the scale), a Cheep Ass Games booth complete with a tiny Kill Dr. Lucky, a little swords and other pointy things booth, a booth of pictures and paintings and many more all in miniature.

There is even the eating area.

And of course, what tiny mock up of the dealer’s room would be complete without Giant Rampaging Gundam Things? These look like evil hockey goalies, I love it. We watched a little bit of a demo and I think the object is to shoot your opponents Gundam critters. Regardless, any game where you are allowed to let your Gundam critters wander around a tiny dealer room mock up AND jump on the display tables is boss in my book.

Once the dealer room opened we dove in. The first stop (and the third stop and the seventh stop and the eighth stop and the twelfth stop…) was the Thread Impressions booth. They have a sewing machine set up and you can get one of a bazillion different designs stitched onto a T-shirt or polo shirt for a decent price. You can even get words stitched in too, like a last name or whatnot. We had a brilliant inspiration and started talking to them about custom printing some Smithee Ts (they are all about the custom design happiness. If you have a clean pic of the artwork, they can stitch it for you). TheMan put together a trash can image, Bryan wheeled and dealed a contract (sort of, well an understanding at least) and we should be getting stitched Smithee shirts in the near future. Coolness. I traded a cow button (the top button from the first pic) for the monkey button, which actually belongs to the Eight Foot Llama people. Don’t ask.

One other stop was to Looney Labs (this time in real size) to get the promo Fluxx card, the promo Chrononauts card, the new Chroronauts deck and the happy crazy flowers.

Here are two of them surveying the room, and apparently guarding the Goldfish Snack Crackers.

And here is my favorite one (the crazy flower. Just look at his eyes, you can tell that he’s just not quite right in the head) which I have affixed to my bag. He looks good next to my alien mushroom man.

TheMan picked up a super Chthulhu too. “Up, Up and AHHHHHHHGH!”

Last but not least, a three pack of computer games that have FINALLY come out for the mac. I don’t know what they are, other than one seems to be shooting a mutant organism in a petri dish and this one which looks a whole lot like MooII to me.

In case you are wondering, the third button is a cookie. It was either that (from the Fluxx deck) or “Wake me up for meals”. They were giving out free buttons, how could you not take a cookie? Besides, Monkeys love me.

Last Year at the booniverse: I plan on bringing origami to origins and finish my frogs. I have 15 or 20 of them so far so that’s what…60 to 65 left to make? Piece of cake!

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