TheMan found a new program for the iPod called…brushes I think. Anyway, he’s been churning out iPod finger painted pictures about one a day – except they were all kinda creepy and dark. So I told him “Wow!” (the expression) “Those are really good. And creepy. Can’t you do something light and fluffy? Like a bunny or a flower or something?” Thus he made me my Brush Bunny.

*squee* Kawaii! I love him!

I really didn’t do much of a weekend blather did I? It was all pretty much ‘Garden! Garden! Garden!’ there and with no pics that had to be one boring post. I don’t have any garden news that I haven’t already blorted save that all my plants that can really be planted are now in. Huzzah! This includes 2 hanging tomatoes, which are hanging (hanging tomato is hanging!) and the rest of the store bought peppers. I had to do a little excavation along the far edge to plant my peppers since somebody planted their potatoes right up to the existing garden border.

OK, this wasn’t so big a deal in reality because I’m going to eventually extend the garden all the way to the fence so now I’m just one foot closer to that goal. I also discovered that I’m going to have to do some serious brush clearing over there since some festive viney thing is taking over and trying to annex my yard. NOT ON MY WATCH! Or at least not when I have some non rainy days and some time and some inclination to go murder plants. Despite my general garden laziness, I do enjoy a good loppering of plants so this vine conundrum will probably get fixed pretty soon. Right now though, Mother Nature is taking a hand at watering my garden to which I have to say, “You go girl!”

I am the lazy!

I am so the lazy that Friday night I took a nap and woke up Saturday. Then it was out to plants, a little Warcraft fun (we did a bunch of heroics and we did them FAST!) and then back to plants and then I fell over dead. Sunday was more plants in my back yard and then I sauntered over to LunarGeography’s house and helped her plant her garden. We wrocked the plantage so awesomely that we decided that we deserved some ice cream, which we totally did, so around 7ish we drove over to the local DQ-alike place and got us some flurries. Yum! Then I went home and fell over dead again.

Monday I did no plant anything and it felt…like I was slacking. DOAH! We did go on over to my mom’s for a Memorial Day cook out and had all sorts of delicious goodies. The nefling made an appearance as well and we learned that he’s already said his first word: Help. *giggle* Nefling is HUGE and has him some righteous dandelion hair going on (awesome! I forgot my camera otherwise I’da taken pics). Wrock on little dude!

2008: This bodes well for my Darwinian gardening technique because if they can survive that long chillin in their tiny pots on a cement apron then perhaps they will do fantastically once I actually get them into the ground.

2007: JSFR: White Rabbit Creamy Candies

2006: JSFR: Hello Kitty Babies

2005: I just want y’all to know that Isaak is a mean, mean drunk and spent the rest of the day hissing at everything and beating up on Little-Kitty.

2004: We got 2 packages from Amazon last night…Bubba Hotep! Wheee! And…Bubba Hotep?

2003: Hey ho! Well, we got back from the up north yesterday at – wait actually it would have been today come to think of it – 1 in the morning.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I love that bunny. His teeth are awesome. Good job, MQ!!

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