Day 2: Puttering

Yo. Why does word hesitate all the time? I just waited 8 seconds for it to double return from the title so I could have a space between it and my writing. That’s just not right. ANYWAY, I had plans, some different plans, no plans and a nap. In that order too.

Today I was going to check out the Silent Death game if we weren’t on call for baby wrangling duty. We were, so I didn’t but badmovie did. He says: He enjoyed it, he thinks like any other board game it would be more fun to play with people he knew and he thought he might like to know the rules a little better (I guess they don’t do an in-depth rundown before the game). There you go, straight from the horses mouth. Well, not that badmovie is a horse. OK, I’m going to talk about something else now.

We helped TheRCK and Scott baby wrangle for the short time their LARP was on (all of maybe 20 minutes) but the hotel “lost” the room reservation and not enough people showed up so they had to cancel. That’s OK, it was enough time for me to drop Baby D on her head. D’oah! I was playing zoom the baby and did a light head touch to the floor but I don’t think she was all about the upsidown. Especially from the Not-The-Parent. She bounced back alright but I’m not allowed to break the baby again.

TheMan took the unexpected break time to go back to the room while I headed back to the dealer room with Paul the Other and cruised around. I hit the jackpot for buttons too, I traded a bunch of Smithee buttons for some cool swag. I charmed two button men buttons off of one guy (but I had a button to trade him back after rummaging around in my bag o’ goodies) and I got another button man off of another booth just by developing a rapport with the booth lady. I rocked the swag house.

Then I came back to the room to nap before we all headed out to Bucca de Beppa. Sweet, sweet naps. After eats (and after the obligatory lying around realizing you ate WAY too much) we gather in the lobby area and played some new card games. It was fun and Michelle got stuck in Kansas for the longest time.

Today’s purchases included a beer yeast from Giant Microbes, some shirts and a game for Alessar. Oh yeah, and a couple of Christmas present too. Ha! Shopping ahead.

Tomorrow I may go purchase a Cheese Weasel button man. I don’t even know how to play the button man game but I have quite the collection of them now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll learn how to play, that way I can justify buying Cheese Weasel. After all everyone needs a Cheese Weasel.

Last Year at the booniverse: Last year it was at least a day before any major squabbling got under way so it will be interesting to see how the pre show grumbles have effected the group dynamic.

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