Grilled Cheese Cake Sandwich

Here’s another short and sweet recipe snagged from This site. There’s not much to it, just cheese cake, pound cake, butter and a griddle but I suppose I should do it up all nice like the rest of the recipes.

2 slices of pound cake (grab a loaf baked pound cake for best results)
2-3 thin slices of cheese cake minus the crust (about 3mm thick all along the slice was what we managed. Otherwise as thin as it will cut.)
~ 1 tsp butter

1. Butter one side of each pound cake slice as if you would the bread of a grilled cheese sandwich. Because this is exactly your bread for the grilled cheese cake sandwich.

2. Put the 2 or 3 thin slices of cheese cake in the middle of your sandwich (buttered side out, natch).

3. Grill each side of the pound cake until its golden brown.

4. Eat.

We made this twice; once at my mom’s and once with the BadGardens. At my mom’s, we grilled the sammiches on a panini griddle and at the BadGardens we used an old fashioned frying pan and I have to say that the frying pan cheesecakes sammiches were a tad better than the panini griddled ones. It could have been because we had more butter on the pan fried ones (due to a lack of foresight wherein we should have had the butter out softening but didn’t. And then I microwaved it to death except the parts that weren’t running all over were still solidly chilly. Doah). I’d hazard a guess that the more butter you use, the tastier these grill up.

I bought a regular round K-Roget’s cheese cake and wound up quartering it and then slicing along the quartered cuts for parallel cheese cake slices. If I were to do this again, I would make a cheesecake from scratch without a crust and in a square pan so the slicing wouldn’t be so odd. On the other hand, premade cheese cake = lazy win!

This is a VERY rich dessert. We had quarter samples at my mom’s house (after a Memorial Day cook out) and just about exploded. At the BadGardens, we each had a whole cheese cake sandwich but we had all eaten dinner several hours beforehand. We still almost exploded but if we had just eaten dinner and THEN had cheese cake sandwiches it would have been very messy indeed.

Other than “Glargle, that’s RICH!” the consensus was that these were tasty but not something anyone needed to have every night for the rest of their lives (which would probably be shortened considerably if they did). Grilled poundcake on its own it pretty tasty and the melted cheese cake in between the grilled slices was gooey tasty as well. It’s worth a try if you have some friends who will help you out with the eating of your dessert. Plus, one whole cheesecake makes an awful lot of cheese cake sandwiches.

2008: Too full of cheesecake to update.

2007: It was a really rich cheesecake.

2006: So rich I took this year off too!

2005: JSFR: Kinoko No Yama

2004: I tried to get several pics of both towers from this point of view but all I wound up with is this one and lots of sky.

2003: Seriously, last night as I was in the middle of a coughing jag I swear I briefly saw my toes come out of my mouth in one particularly bad spell.

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