Day 3: Marking Time

The Alien Mushroom Man is slowly being hemmed in by buttons. Oh, and a blue monkey. See, they really do love me.

Today is Smithee night and right now we are in that limbo point of not yet time to run around like headless chickens but too late to do much of anything else. Badmovie, Lunargeography, TheMan and I are back in the hotel room just waiting, or reading or napping or in my case, updating my blog. So I have for you another day of stuff I bought or bartered for. Sadly, I ran out of Smithee swag to hand out and I felt quite naked roaming the dealer hall sans handouts. I discovered that networking and giving out swag is what I do at Origins and apparently I’m rather good at it. I think it helps that I’m not afraid to make a total ass of myself in order to give away a button. Hee!

This is the updated bandolier. Is it a good thing that one of the merchants said they recognized me even without my bandolier of buttons? Anyway, in my travels I obtained a good helping of button men (the buttons with the strange numbers down the side. Take a look at the URL, isn’t that the best? Ha!) through various and nefarious means so I set out today to figure out what was up with the whole button man thing.

These were my first Button Men conquests which I got by bartering. Ha! I really wasn’t looking for button men per se, but when I told the guy that the artwork was way rad, he snuck me the wolf and tiger in trade for a cow. I do like the wolf. RAH! Unfortunately, when I wandered over to the Cheap Ass Games booth to learn how to play buttonmen, they had no idea what the triangle things meant so I had to pull out

The Cheese Weasel

How can you not buy a button that says Cheese Weasel on it? We also got a magnet that I forgot to take a pic of, but it looks an awful lot like the button, except with no numbers. At the point where I wandered over to the Cheap Ass people I had the Weasel, the Wolf and Tiger and the Origins “O” for my button man arsenal. The Cheap Ass guy was playing with the “O” (and who wants to challenge an “O” with another “O”? How mundane) so I was left with the Weasel, since upsidown triangle was still a mystery rule on both the Wolf and Tiger. Cheese Weasel has a special ability: The Power of Cheese (and said right it will reverberate most pleasingly), which lets you re-roll any of your dice (or you can force your opponent to re-roll) if any of the numbers match. Ha! Cheese Weasel totally kicks “O”‘s ass. Uh-huh!

The Spoils of war. Ha! Unfortunately, no one seems to know what Doobie Turtle’s Special power is.

All hail the LOOSERS! Well, I haven’t yet played with Rolly or Dicey or whatever the non “O” die is named (I’m currently typing in Word so I can’t see the pic. Sue me) but if Cheese Weasel kicked “O”‘s hiney I can’t imagine Mr./Mrs. Pips can do any better. I mean, just look at “O”, he’s much cooler than square boy/girl. It’s all about the looks.

TheMan and I went around to the other booths that had button men and challenged them to a duel to get points or whatever which would get us cool stuff. Mainly the Dicey button man, but we wanted to play the game some and get a feel for it. We are maybe thinking of creating Smithee button men. Maybe. Well, if we do, it might behoove us to actually know what the heck is going on, so we went. We hit the Cheese Weasel booth, and naturally they pulled out the Cheese Weasel because duh! So I was left with the less than adequate “O” and the undetermined powered Wolf and Tiger. I decided to just go with the Wolf as is and challenged the Weasel. TheMan went to Howeling Wolf Studios and asked what the down triangle was all about and came back with “You can not power challenge these dice”. It’s a cool ability but I’m NOT going to explain it. Let’s just say it ROCKS the buttoniverse and I totally kicked Cheese Weasel’s ass. PLUS I had to use some dice I bought for a present because that is all I had on me at the time (you need to bring your own dice to a challenge).

How often can you say “I had to use your dice in order to beat the Cheese Weasel”? Hooo!

Some other button fun included a visit to Looney Labs for some small buttonage

The Rabbit cracks me up. The Looney Lab helpers all wear hats with big ol’ rabbit ears and lab coats too. Very fun.

And then there was the Farscape buttons.

The whole booth was dedicated to…errr…bringing back Farscape? Maybe? Hell, I don’t know, they had free stuff and a button that said “Irreversibly Contaminated” on it. Shiney! They had some give aways (also free and Shiny!) and maybe they were selling some memorabilia but they reminded me more of those booths at art fair that are politically oriented and want you to save the trees or whatnot. They did have two really cool people working the booth and some sneak pics of the mini series coming up. Oh, and free stuff!


What’s a day without Dead Ants. Hey, Monkeys still love me.


Last Year at the booniverse: One hour and forty minutes and I am so outta here. Yay Origins!

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