Who Told June it Could Bust Out?

June??!? When did THAT happen? Yoikes!

Being Monday, I owe y’all a weekend recap. Friday night I took a nap BUT! only a small one because we had plans. I packed up the grilled cheese cake fixings and we headed on out to the BadGardens for Grilled Cheese Cake Sammiches and bad movie watching. I need to write up the review soon before I forget what happened but the one thing we got out of it that made me giggle was “The Vespa of the Apocalypse”. Nuff said! Oh and the fact that our hero made it…outta chicken shit. I have no idea where some of our ideas come from but it makes me sad that everyone doesn’t have a Badmovie or a LunarGeography to go totally oddball with while watching bad movies.

Saturday we did the usual Warcraft but without our usual tank because he and his kidlets were going camping. My crazy leveling coworker dragged a tank from his new guild and we wrocked the heroics. That last guy from last time that handed us our asses? Down like buttah! We also managed several achievements somehow but not the ones we actually tried for. Kill the weremammoth guy before he has a chance to turn into a giant party stomping mammoth? Not a chance (in a fit of irony, we almost made it until he mammothed out at the very last second and then plop. Dead). Kill some random dude in less than ‘x’ seconds? Oh sure, we got that one despite the fact that it took us all by surprise. “You get an achievement for that? I had no idea!”

Then it was time to pack up and head on out to Smithee Drinking Night. TheMan and I took along Vapor’s Gambit, the game we got at the charity auction at Penguicon (Screaming! Hoverboard! Racing!), and gave it a test go. It’s pretty sound but needs some house ruling to smooth out a few inconsistencies. It also needs more track; a problem I’m hoping to fix with a scanner, color printer, some glue and cardboard. Next time we have it out I’ll hopefully remember my camera and take some pics because it’s kinda cute. And dangerous. Very dangerous. Screaming! Hoverboard! Racing!

BTW, in case you were wondering, 3 glasses of strawberry blond ale and 1 glass of regular blond ale will cause one to lose their shoes. True thing!

Sunday I hung out at the Corner Brewery (again) and wrote up a couple JSFRs. I’m only one weekend behind now…huzzah! I got to sample their special third anniversary brew (velvet hammer) and it was pretty tasty. TheMan found it too sour to drink so I got to finish off the rest of his brew as well. Wheee! It’s strong, but not quite strong enough to make you lose your shoes after only 2 glasses. The Brewery unveiled their new menu with the anniversary celebration so I tried out a black bean spread sammich. Very tasty, although it took forever to get it on account of the kitchen being boggled by the new food. It may take them a while to become speedy at fixing the stuff but if you are ever in the area, the black bean spread sandwich is mighty fine.

Then there was Badmovie’s game followed by some reading, warcrafting, garden watering (stoopid plants!) and bed. This morning I started out my day running the compost out to the composter and inadvertently tangling with a tree grub. A tree grub I didn’t notice until I was at work and itched my head. YUCK! I never found the little bugger because I threw him so hard I think he landed in next week. Seriously. I looked for the creepy little slug thing everywhere (to see what exactly had been in my hair) and I couldn’t even find a grease spot that might have been him.

2008: In denial about it being June.

2007: Now if only they made cow plants I’d be set. Fresh steaks and corn from my garden, perfect.

2006: La-la-la!

2005: I can’t hear you June.

2004: That did not stop one particular Siamese cat from meowing the. entire. way. up. though. Meow, meow, meow, meow.

2003: I’m a May kind of gal…

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