Day 4: In Conclusion

I need to either eat more before the show or endeavor to spill the entire long island on Paul the Other’s lap because this half assed partial drink spilling is so nickel and dime, you know? Next year I’m going for the whole glass, ice and all!

As you might have surmised, we did the traditional after Smithee BOOZ AND FOOD except there is only one crappy pizza place open after 12 in Columbus and they were all “Blah blah blah hour and a half delivery bullshit cakes”. Hell no, I don’t think so. I planned to be in bed by 2, not just digging into a pizza. We wound up scrounging for chips and salsa which really don’t cut the cake as far as alcohol absorption goes. Sigh.

The show went beautifully. Bryan tightened his patter down to a 4 hour and 15 minute show (including the 15 minute intermission) and all 298 or so people had a blast. We had a lot of newcomers too, which was cool and a whole lot of old comers as evidenced by last year’s give away buttons which were proudly affixed to their personage. The Origins crowd is a loyal if not fanatic lot, but still how cool is that? They kept their buttons and wore them this year. Hooo! Speaking of fanatic, I even got a present! One of the guys from last year had the best Hawaiian shirt ever so I asked him if I could have it (because I’m ALWAYS doing that. “Ooo, I love your shirt, can I have it?”). This year he flagged me down and gave me the bad ass Hawaiian T he was wearing the last Smithees. SAHWEET! even if a bit on the unexpectedly strange side. But, in the end, I have a really rad Hawaiian shirt now so all is good.

One of the more interesting show moments had to be either when we asked the entire left side of the house to scoot up one chair length (because the first row was NOT going to allow another row in front of them) or the spontaneous chanting during Crummiest Ending. The row shuffle looked like auditorium space invaders but we successfully got 11 rows of chairs to more or less uniformly advance by a whole row. Try that at home! As for the chanting, Bryan’s patter (or lack there of) left about 30 seconds of uncomfortable audience silence as they watched Joe Average stand out over the bluffs of LA. And stand. And stand. And stand some more. Still standing. It was well after the wisecracks died down (and Joe Average was still standing, because if there is one thing that actor can do well, it’s stand looking out over LA. We know, he does it for two minutes while nothing happens. Except for the standing that is) and somewhere in that silence of “Is this STILL going on? Have I dropped into Hell? Someone pinch me, I think I’m having a nightmare.” the chant of “Jump. Jump. Jump.” started up. That was pretty funny, but then during the inexorably slow diner part of the next Crummy ending clip they started up with the chant again. That was really funny.

We survived and headed out the next day, but not before being thwarted by coffee and hitting the dealer’s room one more time. While Badmovie and TheMan did things, LunarGeography and I headed to Starbucks for morning coffee. Guess what…the Columbus Starbucks is closed on Sunday. What? What kind of a place lets their Starbucks close on a Sunday? All day! That’s cruel and unusual punishment right there. We wound up at the local convention espresso shop which sported a sign “Last Day Sale”. TheMan wondered if it was apocalyptic coffee. Hee! We got our joe and headed out to the dealer room.

The last of the purchases:

Look, ma, auf Deutsch!

Sorry about the flash white out, it was the best that I could do with the short attention span I had. I dug out the English equivalent cards and put them side by side for comparison. I like how the English “Bakery” has bread and doughnuts while the German has cookies and bread. Also, apparently the Germans die of “Sweets Death” rather than by chocolate. They do, however, have a much more kick ass death.

I missed photographing this guy (plushie on the left). He’s a Giant Microbe beer yeast. Beer yeast is sitting next to last years mono bug.

Finally, I didn’t buy this but I found it under my pillow at home *squeee*

Oh yeah…BTW, I’ve been doing all the picture taking (except for the shirt) AND the picture converting for the whole Origin’s thing. TheMan showed me how to do all the file conversion and let me loose on the world. Muahahahaha!

Last Year at the booniverse: I got a tie. A TIE! I lost and got a tie.

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