I put Mother Nature to work today watering my garden. She does a pretty good job when she puts her mind to it but the thing about free help is that sometime you end up with a flighty thing which would rather hang out sunbathing than watering my plants. Not much you can do about that so somedays I have to drag the hose all the way out back and do my own watering. On the other hand, if Mother Nature’s out being a sun bunny, I can actually go out and do some weeding which also needs to be done. Mother Nature don’t weed for nobody.

My plants are growing decently. I seem to have lost a winter squash somewhere; there are no holes or tracks or anything on the squash mound to indicate it had help leaving but gone it is. Huh. My current working theory is that it pulled itself up and out, patted the mound back into place and is on walkabout. The other winter squash, which I was positive I was going to lose since it’s been having all sorts of problems with exposed roots (I can pile a sandlot on that thing and it would still manage to have some roots poking out. I don’t get it), is growing fine and dandy. At least there will be more room for the remaining 2 squash plants to grow? Yay?

My tomaters are chugging along OK. The in-ground toms aren’t going gang busters but aren’t dead either. I think maybe I ought to do the calcium shell thing to help them strengthen their little tomato selves. The bucket tomatoes on the other hand have gone feral. They are the angriest looking tomato plants I’ve ever seen with their loopy and bendy branches all trying to still grow upwards despite being planted upsidown. If a tomato plant could say “Fuck you, you fucking fuck!” these would be screaming it at the top of their tomato lungs while simultaneously wielding a spiked baseball bat and knocking over mailboxes. I’m a little scared to go back there.

Pepper plants are peppery. I should get some pics so y’all can see my crazy moat which isn’t even done yet. Oh yes, I have more peppers to plant!

I still hate aphids.

I also am beginning to nurture a great dislike for the kitties and their wee hour antics. Cat soup people! I have a stock pot big enough for the both of them and if they don’t quit with the on the bed, off the bed, on the bed, fight! fight! fight!, off the bed, on the bed, ROUND TWO FIGHT! I’m going to make cat chili before the end of June. CUT IT OUT YOU FURRY CRACK HEADS! I’ve punted them twice this week and it’s only Tuesday. Perhaps I’ll take them out back and see if the hanging tomatoes can whip my feline tormentors into shape. ARRRGH!

I am on a role with reading this year. TheMan and I got the whole run of Dresden books by Jim Butcher and we’re loving the beegeebus out of them. TheMan is, of course, done with the series but I’m still on book 7 (of 10). I think I’ve read more books in two months than I read all last year…stupid Mars books. I’ve got Dresden Book 8,9, and 10 on deck as well as Twilight book 1. I’m also reading Speaker for the Dead and rereading the first book of the Ellenium. Man I love the Sparhawk books.

Speaking of books! My summer project (was June, getting pushed back to summer) is to finally organize all the damned books. I did the lion’s work on that project several years ago but I never figured out where to put some of the odder esoteric books (Zombie Survival Guide?) so they remained piled up on the floor. We also have bought many lots of books since then and the shelves weren’t arranged with growth in mind (yeah…what was I thinking). Thus, we have an awful lot of books piled up on top of the books already on the shelf at or near where they would really like to be housed properly. I’d really like to get all the books settled again and actually finish the project this time.

My other project, which was a May project and has now been bumped to a June project, is finishing off the back garden finally. It will be done before the Bru-ha-ha so help me plants and shovels. Two projects I can do right? RIGHT! (The bathroom I’m delegating to TheMan for a summer before the Bru-ha-ha project)

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