Three Posts in a Row? Krazy Talk!

You would not believe how much fun it was to play with these little umbrella guys.

Remember when I was all “WOOOO! I’ve back linked all those entries from last year wherein I did not go and put a “last year” thing at the bottom”? Apparently I didn’t *quite* finish the job because the past three posts I’ve had to go do that for 2008. When I investigated a little further it seems as if I just blew off page two of June. Whoops.

No picto-post for you today because I have this umbrella series I wanted to put up so I am. I also don’t have pics yet and Mother Nature’s been a bit rainy lately for decent photos. That should stop today though. I think. Lemmie check the weather site. OK, weather dot com says that it should be good for no rain through Saturday wherein there will be a 30% chance of showers. I can get some weeding done maybe or at least walk around and take pics. I took a look at my roses this morning and the aphids are back. Grrrrrr. The plants seems to be thriving though so I guess the little green suckers haven’t taken over yet. I can still get my het on for them though.

I can still also get my het on for the damned cats. Vande might get a soup reprieve because she pretty much comes in, lies down and snoozes all loafy cat in the cat bed. Isaak, on the other hand, is up and down and up and down and sideways and PET ME and down and up and down and ASS AFIRE and up and down and lick-lick-lick, and up… ARRRGH! Then when I punt him out of the room he wanders around the house yowling his misery that I won’t let him jump around the bed or give him constant cat scritches. THAT CAT IS DRIVING ME NUTS! It’s got to be some sort of kitty midlife crises.

In some sort of cosmic line-up of awesome, I was feeling the sushi love and pestered TheMan into taking me out for rolls. We invited LunarGeography and Badmovie along because dinner company is always nice and Badmovie just started a new job Monday. Celebration! Hey, any excuse to get me some California rolls is good by me. I suggested Ichiban because they are decent (A-/B+ sushi) with decent prices (slightly cheaper than Yotsuba or Godaiko without a like drop in quality. Sort of a “On the whole $2 cheaper but the food only tastes $1 cheaper” sort of place). We all agreed this was a good plan and when we got to the place we discovered that they were having a half off sushi rolls special. WOOO! We ordered all sorts of rolls off the fanCAY menu (green dragon roll, red dragon roll, crazy roll, rainbow roll…) because HALF! OFF! I mean, how can you not go a little (re: a lot) overboard when the usual $11 rolls now only cost you $5.50? Thus we had about 3 rolls per person and they were fanFREEKINtastic. My inner miser is always at odds with the fanCAY roll menu because at $11 to $14 dollars a pop I can get 2 of the regular rolls and that’s a much better deal. Not tonight though, tonight we dine on AWESOME!

I recommend the Red Dragon rolls, I think they were the tastiest although LG will tell you the Rainbow Roll was the roll of the night while TheMan was all about the Double Spicy Roll. The Spicy California roll was the most underwhelming of the lot which tickled my memory a bit. In the back of my overworked plork it seems as if one of the sushi places had an abysmally meh Spicy C rolls…I guess Ichiban was that place. Now if I can remember that for next time.

OK I am way too full of Japanese, I gotta go lie down and digest.

2008: And then, as water is wont and oft to do, it continued on down to the basement where it sogged up the laundry I had hanging on the line, puddled in the cat box and then went for a walkabout until it found the drain.

2007: Forgetting to blog I guess.

2006: JSFR: Nai Xiang Mei

2005: I spell so poorly that I figure if I’m spelling “apocalypse” like the dance, I must be spelling it wrong.

2004: Taaaaaaaasty dragon rolls.

2003: While driving in today TheMan and I witnessed an Escapade try and do the stop sign waltz with a city bus.

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