I Blame it on the Sushi


I’m feeling very SAST today so hold onto something solid.

After last night’s sushi fest (mmmmmmm!) we wandered home and after a brief look-see at my roses and the damned aphid invasion (I’m going to have to go another round with the aphid-b-gone squirt stuff as well as the stuff you put in the ground for the plant to suck up and become aphid toxic), we pretty much headed for bed and lit out. I had plans to sleep for an hour and then get up and do some basic Warcraft stuff while TheMan came in to read and keep me company while I napped. Sometime around 2am I woke up completely disoriented but well rested. TheMan also woke up to find the iPod snuggled in bed with him where he had dropped it when he fell asleep reading. The iPod is OK as are his glasses, which he had the presence of mind to take off and put on the night stand even though he doesn’t remember doing it. Omega 3 fatty sushi fish acids are devious! They made us crash, wreck and burn something fierce.

I really need to do another Hard Cheeses of Old England run but probably not for a while since sushi wasn’t exactly cheap. Well, it was because everything we had (save Badmovie’s meal which was not sushi) was half off but that just meant that we had much more than we would have ordinarily gotten. The price came out pretty standard for a trip to a sushi bar but we got a TON o’ food. Cheeses will run me about the same so perhaps I’ll save that for the end of July and do a nice little home celebration of TheMan’s birthday. Any suggestions for cheeses to try? Preferably cheeses we haven’t yet sampled but as always, Kerrygold cheddar is a decent possibility.

My chili peppers and Thai dragon peppers are getting just about big enough to plant. This means I need to get off my butt and clear out the rest of the garden border so I can plop them in…which means I have to take the loppers out and lopper the fence scrub so I can get to the place where I have to chopper out the border. Thus, nothing has even been started on this project because that’s a lot of work yo (and I’m lazy). I need gardening elves or at least something I can put down which will prevent the plants I yank up or cut back from growing there again. I would totally dig in and start merrily ripping things up if I knew that the weed plants would never come back. Maybe I can get garden elves to just weed the plants I’ve already weeded once, that wouldn’t be too much work would it?

Ooooo, Smithee prep. It’s June isn’t it? Yikes, I have 20 more days until we zoom off to Origins and I need to punch Breezeway Button Blanks as well as make up the show buttons. I had an idea this morning of bringing in my button punch and punching out buttons during lunch and breaks (which will cut into my reading time – ARGH! I need two of me!) and then in the evenings after gardening I can press buttons. I also have to prep ballot packs, which we’ve done in one evening before, and suction cup the two remaining suckerless Chupas. Man, I was pretty far ahead on the prep and now I feel a bit behind. Grumble.

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2004: Whenever someone mentions that a particular thing came from or was made by the ancients, holler “Beer of the ancients” (or whatever you happen to be drinking) and take a drink.

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