My Weekend Has Limited Minutes

Merg, this weekend was kinda full of suck. I think it all started Friday when TheMan and I forgot to eat dinner. Just up and forgot. What’s that about? I mean, who just forgets to have dinner? That’s not right, especially at 2 or 3 in the morning when your stomach is all, “Hey! Remember that meal you didn’t eat? I’m going to start snacking on your spleen now because I’m SO HONGRY!!!!” I ate an entire tube of cinnamon rolls the next day AND hash browns AND eggs! Sadly, that was the best part of my day too. Le sigh.

Saturday was extra mighty suckerrific because I had made a specific point to Be On Warcraft so we could do our first big raid. We sorta plan for Warcraft Saturdays in general but quite often the game gets bumped for a lot of real life stuff. This week I made sure the real life stuff knew that I had Warcraft plans, as if Warcraft was an actual something like a movie date or dinner with fam. We signed on, we gathered peeps and we started our raid (Nax for those in the know) and the very first boss handed us our hineys. The very first easy as pie boss. Oh he kicked our toushes up one side and down another. It was so bad he kicked most of us back to Everquest before they fixed the experience loss issues. Some of us wound up in Zork we sucked so much and then we were all eaten by a Grue.

I would like to say that while I was main healing we were doing pretty well, but once I went down it was a matter of really short time before the entire party wiped. I’d be all gloaty but we wiped 4 or 5 times without actually getting close to finishing the boss and that got really old really fast. We threw in the towel and wandered off to another dungeon (with only the guild) and we were pretty sucktacular there too. One of the guildies told me later “Yeah, we were having a bad day because I *know* you are a better healer than that.” and then he mysteriously disappeared never to be heard from again. On the off chance the body is ever found, it probably won’t have a face. I’m just sayin.

We logged and I took a nap. I was feeling mighty stabby and that’s never a good frame of mind.

After my nap, TheMan and I signed back on and did our own boogering around Warcraft thing with his tiny pally and my big pally respecced tank. I LOVE TANK! I’m still trying to figure it all out so there is quite possibly more mad button mashing going on than there is actual knowledgeable button selecting but so far I’m having a blast. We 2 manned a bunch of the old expansion dungeons and got the tiny pally 2 levels in about 2 hours. WHEEE!

Sunday we did a little bit more Warcraft but this time with TheMan’s shammy and my pally still specced tank. I learned some of the buttons a little more and was able to hold agro pretty decently. The only really jarring thing is that my healing sucks now something fierce. I’m used to throwing out a tiny heal and getting a quarter of my life back. When tank specced I have to make sure I’ve got myself targeted when I’m healing ‘cuz the health bar doesn’t really move a whole lot.

No gardening got done. I suck. The end.

One of the highlights of the weekend was finding the Ting Ting’s new (and only) album at Meijers while out shopping. We had heard some of the band’s tunes at a coffee shop and decided to keep their name in mind for later web searchings. Thursday or Friday I sniffered out a couple videos on YouTube and the songs were just as awesome as I remembered from the shop. When we got home Sunday and ripped the album to iTunes we were happy to find out that only 2 of the 10 or so songs are Meh while the others WROCK! Good buy on our part. Except for the part where I’ve had That’s not my name stuck in my head for 24 solid hours.

Lastly, sorry about the rain today; that’s really my fault. I was extra lazy and didn’t water the garden all weekend so I got up early and soaked it down before we left for work. Par for the course, it started to rain as we pulled out of the driveway and most of the morning was a wet drizzly mess. This would have been totally avoidable if I had gotten up off my lazy butt Saturday or Sunday and done some watering. My bad.

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  1. Amy Says:

    I LOLed at the “back to Zork and got eaten by grue.” Ah, grue…

  2. Boo Says:

    We did too. Very sad. None of us had lights. *sniff*

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