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Just some randomness for you today because I gots random. The pic above is all the staff Chupas save LunarGeography’s Cabra, which was at her place when I took the Chupa group pic. My Cabra’s the red one. I really like the white one a lot and the green one reminds me of the Abominable Snowman from the Rudolph Christmas special but green and not white. Actually, the white one reminds me of the ASM as well, but I went for the red fella because I like the horn style better and the poodle fabric is much more comfortable to wear. Green and White are definitely cuter though.

Note to self: Buy candy for the candy jar that is not awesome tasty. I think I’ve eaten one entire bag o’ Rolos that I put in the jar. Argh! Send help.

I’m still hatin’ my new work keyboard. I am having this really weird disconnect with the shift button and S and T in particular. Do not know why but half the time I do not get capital letters when I KNOW I’m holding down the shift key. I think maybe I’m releasing the key prematurely and then hitting T or S (sometimes R) or perhaps my new keyboard is haunted. Dear Ghost Hunters: Will you come do a show about my keyboard? It is haunted and won’t capitalize when I am clearly telling it to. Also? Word won’t automatically cap the leading letter in a sentence despite the fact that it does every other freekin thing in the auto correct book. Jimmies, jammies CUT IT OUT!!!! Now that I think on it, perhaps it is too much to ask the Ghost Hunters to come exorcize MS Word. That might go very badly for them…

I have not played Warcraft since the failed weekend fiasco and the subsequent boogering around later on. I might have to ask myself if I’ve quit the game or not! I also haven’t been gardening proper like but Mom Nature has my watering back. I’ve done nothing and my plantses are growing like mad things because It! Won’t! Stop! Raining! What I have been doing is going home, passing out, waking up, going to work. SUCK! The weather is getting me tired cranky…I’m not even reading! What’s THAT about??!?

I have Big Plans this weekend. LG and I are going out and getting wood (heh) for our gardens. She’s going to make a raised bed thing to plop over her cement pad and my shepherd’s hooks aren’t cutting it for tomato hangers. Poor angry tomatoes are heavier than the rated hook capacity so now they are not only angry but they bob in the wind with the slightest provocation. It’s gotta be tough keeping a good crank on under those circumstances. TheMan and I have put our heads together and come up with a tomato hanging P-L-N which should alleviate the bob and weave and possible immanent hook failure of the current set up: One monster 4×4 driven iron pipe hung tomato hanging rig. BOOYAW! I shall pictodocument at some point in time because I also have some pretty, pretty roses growing (that need to be fed bug stuff) as well as pepperlings!

2008: Shiny no updating for you!

2007: And Again!

2006: JSFR: Pepero (choco)

2005: Great. Just what I need after a steamy day, a warm furry kitty belt.

2004: Now the damned paperclip took forever and a fucking day to exorcize.

2003: Can it be a trifecta of non updating if there are updates between this year and those two?

4 Responses to “Randomness Stuff Things”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    How are my taters? Let me know when I can come over and water!

  2. Boo Says:

    Your taters are about 6″ tall! I think I figured out the water problem this morning and it involves a trip to Lowes (whatever) for a washer. I hope.

    You can also come over and weed your taters if you so desire. Compost will make your flowers grow like trees and weeds grow like a jungle. Lemmie know ifn you want to do some weeding, I’ll leave implements out.

  3. Bubbles Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ quitting Warcraft!!!! :'(

    I do hope you and LG are able to get some very excellent wood together, though.

  4. TeacherPatti Says:

    Boo, let’s plan a composting/weeding/beer drinking night. I am pretty much free (albeit broke) this summer. I always have money for beer though…did you ever notice????

    Let me know when you are free. Or, better yet, have the cats tell me on Twitter.

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