More of the Same

It’s blogging Boo style! Come on in, have a read!

Heh, another entry! Whooo! I found a whole bunch of friend’s blogs and I’m busy reading them here and there so I thought I’d try a blog style thing for today. Let’s see how it goes.

So lunch came and went and Alessar and I went for Walkies! (heh, it’s one of those words you just gotta say right, kinda like Mmmmmmmmmelon but different) It’s too cold to go outside (DAMMIT! I forgot I had to go to the library tonight. Grrr) so we walk around the hallways at noon for a half hour. Today it did not feel as much of a good walk as yesterday but that could be a couple factors. Maybe we did not walk as fast today, maybe I was muscle tired from Karate Monday which might have made Tuesday seem like more of a work out, maybe it’s because we walked the other way around the square. Who knows. We got some good conversation going and exercise. It’s all good.

Apricots are not good. This is my first fresh apricot and I expected something peach like, maybe nectarineish because apricots sorta look like tiny peaches and smell like tiny nectarines. It *should* be good, based on my limited fruit experience because it’s squishy to the touch. Nectarines are good when they are squishy to the touch, peaches are good when they are squishy to the touch ergo apricots should be good when they are squishy to the touch. I think my apricot is faking it because it’s crispy to the bite and a bit sour. It’s making my apple seem good and that’s saying something.

The par boiled stomach incident seems to be healing slowly. I am no longer in residual pain but I still feel a little weird in the innards. A little burpy too, bet you wanted to know that. I blame the apricot.

Hee! I split my pants sometime today! Bet you wanted to know that too! Actually, I’m not wearing pants (Where are my PANTS!), I’m wearing leggings to keep my poor self warm underneath my skirt. I also have an over layer of sweats for outside walking so I look really charming with 12 layers of warmies when I come and go from work. I’m not cold tho and that is the point of it all. Ugh, I hate the cold! So whilst in the bathroom I noticed that my leggings have a huge 3 inch split right up the crotch seam. Whoooo! I wondered why it was so drafty! Hee. I don’t know why but that amused me to no end. A HOLE!

Also got some different ideas for the chicks of honor outfits from a lady who used to work in the library. She suggested go to a bridal place and find a long skirt and say (in my most authoritative voice) “These Are The Skirts!” (there are many skirts like them but these are the skirts) and then give them a color swatch and some instructions like “long sleeves/short sleeves/etc.” and let them pick out blouses for themselves. I am toying with changing up the color scheme a bit from burgundy skirts and gold tops to burgundy skirts, white tops and maybe an accent belt in gold. Or something. Must to talk with TheMan first.

And why was I talking to this lady who used to work for the library? Well because I was participating in the great printer hunt of ’03! Somewhere (and I know where now) there are 7 printers run by X company. X company wants us to jot down all this stuff about them, most of which can only be gotten by going and eyeballing said printers. It falls under my job description to hunt these rascals down and corner them and then read their tag numbers. Sadly, the fella who assigned me this job only knew where 3 of them were so I set out on an expedition this afternoon. The traveling kind, not the SUV kind.

It took me from the basement to the 9th floor of the LR building, from the basement to the 4th floor of HH building and from Sub-1 to Sub-3 of the library. That’s both extremes of all three buildings, I visited the highest and lowest point in the entire law school. Heh. And I have to say 4 flights of stairs is a lot of steps…I gotta not be so lazy about walking clear over to the other side of HH to get to the elevator. My laziness is killing me. Notice though that I’m not so lazy about the elevator in LR. Lazy is lazy, 9 floors of stairs is freekin nuts. Sheesh.

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