Grumpy Old Cat!

“WHAT??!?? Don’t bother me, I’m practicing my het lasers so I can be a proper grumpy old cat.”

“OK, fine. Whatever. You do that pointy flashy thing while I warm up for my nap over here.”

“Is this thing on? Hello? Where are my scritchies? HELLO??”

“Ignore the cat behind me, there is only one cat to which you need to pay any attention and that is the gorgeous one sitting here NOT GETTING SCRITCHIES ON HIS 14TH BIRTHDAY!”

“Whut? Whut’s going on? Huh?”

“Did I not tell you to ignore-HEY! Pay attention to me!”

“Fine. I’ll just hole up here until you come to you senses and stop fiddling with that snappy flashy human stupid thing and go about properly bestowing 14th birthday scritchie wishes upon my person.”

“AUUUGH! I even have to share the bed with that other cat? Getting old sucks.”

“Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. A little to the left…ooooooh perfect.”

2008: Speaking of charm, Isaak wants you all to know that he is cute, damnit. He is too. Very cute. AS CUTE AS A BUTTON SO PET HIM ALREADY!!!1!!

2007: Neither cat has learned how to ride a bike, although Little Kitty and I have a new routine when I do laundry, which involves her hopping into the clothes basket and getting a ride upstairs.

2006: I think 11 is the year in which a cat goes totally ape shit because OH! The cat drama!

2005: However, in commemoration of today being a cat rollover, I’ll intermix some random pics I have loafing about on the powerbook.

2004: The “I” and What is That THING???

2003: Mostly, it had to do with visiting new parents and having to say something about their grotesquely ugly new born.

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