This Magic Monday

Monday already? Daaaaaaaang.

Recap! We were going to maybe do something possibly Friday night with Badmovie and LunarGeography but then we didn’t. Instead, they went out and had an evening of consumer awesomeness while we stayed home and ordered Pizza in. We topped off our evening with some very exciting general loafing as well as some specific Smithee prep (Wooo! Productivity AND laziness, can’t beat that). Each couple had the best night of it so whoot to all.

Then it was Saturday and time to Do! Stuff! I finished off the rest of the Smithee prep (show buttons done!) and then zoomed the zoom of zooming over to LunarGeography’s house to start our serious garden stuff. Serious gardeners are serious. We had plans to pick up some wood and hardware for LG’s raised garden bed and a bracing of 4x4s and iron pipe for a beefier tomato hanging rig for me. We also got some other things and stuff and then my head exploded so we parted ways. Bad head, no biscuit.

I did manage to plant a replacement coneflower I picked up while out and about (one of the can-can coneflower line didn’t make it through the winter) and I went around and fed my roses Bug-B-Gone. My wonderful, awesome TheMan had fixed my broken garden hose a couple days previously so I spent a little quality watering time with my plants and the new improved garden hose. It only took me 3 weeks to get around to tending my poor bug infested roses so it felt pretty good to check that item off my gardening list. Of course my head got out the big guns afterwards and I stayed home face planted on the bed while TheMan wandered off to Rob’s Birthday Bash.

This weather is killing me.

Sunday TheMan and I went to the Corner Brewery for his meeting that was apparently rescheduled. Ahhhh…oops. We got beer though and coffee and TheMan did up the design for two of the 4 button blanks for buttons in the breezeway. We did a little shopping and then wandered off to the BadGardens for Badmovie’s game. I brought along the Smithee boxes and made up ballot kits all afternoon (with later help from LG who was head plodding for most of the early game session. This weather is killing her!). Smithee check list item checked! Now all I have left to do is (roll checklist):
*Bother TheMan to design the other 2 button blanks for Buttons in the Breezeway
*Punch out all button blanks
*Put together the Buttons in the Breezeway box
*Press Smithee promotional buttons
*See if my Smithee Ninja costume still fits
*Sew suction cups onto 2 Chupacabras
*Finish a replacement Norbert for the Ballot Bimbo
*Shop for Origins foodz
*Pack (and associated laundry which usually happens before packing).

Wow (the expression), that’s really not a whole lot of things to do. I was starting to panic but really, I can cross most of this off during the week. Excellent, I’m ahead of the game! I might even have room to slack.

2008: I’m…out doing something. Yeah, that’s it. Not updating and…doing something.

2007: That was today’s project because I thought it was time to do another bit of blog clean up. I think I’m trying to assuage my lack of gardening guilt.

2006: The riverboat also felt the need to serenade us with its “charming” repertoire of calliope tunes and since it wasn’t going anywhere with its steam driven self, it had a lot of power to divert into song!

2005: Shhhhh.

2004: JSFR: I worked really hard to not be a total lazy ass, I think I deserve an elephant!

2003: I’m hunting for updates.

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