Japanese Snack Food Review: Chelsea Butterscotch


If you have ever had a Werther’s Original Candy, add a touch more smoky dark to the flavor and wala! You have a Chelsea Butterscotch. If not, well…oh boy. Lemmie think a bit on this.

Got it! Take a buttery butterscotch flavor (if you don’t know butterscotch, then I can’t help you) and add just a hint of dark smoky, possibly hinting of coffee flavor. Then put that flavoring into a very dense, smooth, slippery hard candy. Think the brittle of peanut brittle but denser, butterier and not quite so pointy. This hard candy gets many kudos in my book because there are virtually no air pockets anywhere (all the ones I have had were airless, but you never know when one will get a teeny tiny infinitesimally small hole in it so I’m going to have to say virtually none rather than just plain none) and no air pockets means no gaping candy chasms with which to shred my tongue on. Bleedy hard candy is no good.

The packaging is a bit weird, one of my Guinea Pigs wasn’t told what flavor the candy was and he expected some sort of fruity whatsit given the floral wrapper design. Surprise! However, I really liked that the candy wrapping became part of the package decoration what with that see through window in the lower portion of the box.

Just a bit of warning though, the candy does tend to go gooey fairly fast. We had a box of it sitting about the kitchen for a month and a half and the outer layer has gone all gooey sticky. Hard candy will do that eventually but I thought it went a might fast. Then again, how long was it in transport before it got to me I do not know. Eh, I did not find that to be a big problem. So, I’m going to give Chelsea Butterscotch a


of 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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