Last Weekend Before the Final Show

Two of these fellas are gone and the other two are packed up ready to meet their new owners.

Wheeee, a weekend review and boy did we weekend. We started out Friday with breakfast at Angelo’s for Badmovie’s birthday. Happy birthday badmovie! There was some work stuff things whatever (what a downer) and then…SPIDERS! Badmovie is a bit suspicious of the eight legged freaks and because he’s a Smithee Supreme Committee Member, we decided to watch a movie for him that he’d never, ever watch even upon drastic pain and/or extreme duress: The Horrors of Spider Island. We’ve been watching movies for the Smithee peeps on their birthday and the Smith-ka-teers get movies watched that they’d never voluntarily sit through. Hence, spiders. I’m not sure badmovie would have had that much trouble because the spiders, which have about 5 minutes screen time total, are adorable! HUGS! Seriously, if your movie monster evokes the response, “Awww, who’s a cute widdle spider? You are! Yes you are!” then perhaps you ought to go back to the monster design table. I’m just sayin’.

(See? HUGS! Ganked from here btw)

So yeah. Spiders. I think I punched out all the remaining Button in the Breezeway blanks while watching this flick so at least I wasn’t down a couple hours of my life. Multitasking, it’s what’s for dinner!

I also finished punching all the rest of the buttons and then I pressed them. All 270 of the give away buttons done in about 2ish hours. I love my new button press! Except it’s not exactly my new button press anymore but it is still way cool and if I had a reasonable amount of infinite money I’d totally buy a 3″ press from Button Biz. Oh believe you me, it’s on the list but I can’t really justify spending about $500 for something when I don’t really need it. Especially when we really do need to get a new projector for the A2 show…hopefully before Smithee 19. Button maker maybe later, projector a real concern now.

On the other hand, how cool would it be to do another round of 3″ show buttons? Absolutely cool. Cool^2 that’s what!

Sunday was more of the same and some gardening but nothing that I really ought to have done. I so need to get cracking on the back now that I have a good 10′ swath ripped out. Only 30ish more feet to go! (ummm…wheee?) One of these days I’ll have to get a pic of my flowers because things are coming in awesome. I wrock, for the moment, the gardening world!

2008: JSFR: Meets Wine Pretz Mild Cheese

2007: Tonight I fill in the hole that is making our front yard look a little ghetto (or full of pony sized moles) and quite possibly rip up more yardage.

2006: I scored a Team Wisconsin squishy cow. YAY!

2005: If I don’t update tomorrow, look for my finger which has fallen off, gone zombie and started terrorizing the town.

2004: Providing you with your total RDA of bizarre out of context sentences.

2003: DAMN we have buttons. Buttons and buttons and then some more buttons and just when you thought there were no more buttons HEY! Buttons.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I need to come over and garden, as I am sure my potato patch is a mess. MQ said something about this weekend being good? Sunday is great for me. Also, I miss you!!!

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