Origins 09: Chibi Tsunami

This year was another year of driving up Wednesday after work, however not TheMan’s or my work. We both had the day off and spent it doing last minute-y things and stuff. I took a tour de city getting everything and everyone stuff that needed getting, headed home to pack up the car and then we picked up LunarGeography. We were Columbus bound by 6ish and sailed on weather perfectly the whole way. Well, except for that brief bit where we accidentally looped Toledo but all in all a good drive. Sometime sightly before midnight we rolled into the Drury, but we managed to get enough sleep so that we weren’t totally dead for Buttons in the Breezeway.

Amazingly enough, we got up for Drury breakfast and they close it early on weekdays. KRAZINESS!

We moseyed over to get our badges and ran into several Smitheeites (yay pirate!) and passed out some buttons to boot. Whilst we were in the area, we wandered through the dealer room a tad but then had to skeedadle back to the room for lunch and button prep. We have the coolest cooler ever and it pulls double, sometimes triple duty as our food lugging vehicle, button stuff lugging vehicle, drinks for the show lugging vehicle and then back to hauling the general foodage when we leave for home. Wheelie cooler wrocks the wrocking, yo.

We arrived at an abbreviated Breezeway since they were doing some construction and had most of the area blocked off. Last year’s near tornado storming freaked the general breezeway populous right the heck out so they are doing some sort of something better. Or whatever. The point is that there were only about 5 tables and we ate up 2. The next two tables were taken up by the Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja-Educational Preparatory Super-Elementary Fortress 555 people and holy cow do they have the longest name ever. They are also really loud, a fact you don’t get to truly appreciate until you are sharing table space right next to them. I am told they have been in the breezeway in past years but apparently we staked out tables far enough away that we weren’t in each other’s hair.

Of course we had to check them out because Advanced Super Califragilistic Espialla Docious 555 is just too strange a name not to. That and the fact that everyone came to our table wanting to know who our neighbors were. We don’t need much more prompting than that to go bothering the Antidisestablishment Tarisium Super 555 people and see what all the fuss was. They, in turn, were curious enough about us that they came over to do up a couple buttons. Score!

Meanwhile, people colored and had quite a lot of fun while I pressed buttons on demand. Things went swimmingly until the Chibis showed up. Remember last year? The gaggle of pre-teen Barbi-pink Anime girls? They were out in full force again and before I knew it they had ripped through my prepressed button stock, then all the extra buttons I punched but didn’t press (silly me, I thought 270 was enough buttons!) and then they started in on coloring buttons to give out. Somewhere in there they discovered the Business Lames and a small hole was ripped in the fabric of reality. The lot of them, about 8 or 9 in full force, decided to attach the business lame to the pin and give out a pin and a lame as one package deal. Entirely spontaneously they took the Smithee button marketing to the next level. These girls are going to be the terror of the business world when they grow up…you are warned.

About an hour after they descended, the Chibis cleaned me out of giveaway supplies and wandered off to parts unknown. It was the longest hour of my entire week, clocking in at about 3 hours despite the fact that all clock faces agreed that the time passed had only been 60 minutes. Those clocks did not have to try and keep up with Chibis intent on distributing my buttons to as many people as they could. Next year I’m going to press a (large) specific amount of Chibi buttons and that will be that.

Hiromasaki and I getting our goof on after buttoning. We might have also broken some bits of the universe doing the picture picture thing. Sorry that.

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