Long Time Gone?

Well hello there! Visually it’s been a week since I posted, although y’all know I was back posting like a mad thing. I just put up the last of our Alaska trip, which concludes all the picture taking and note making from our honeymoon so now everything should be current (although I am seriously thinking that I need to postdate a JSFR since there hasn’t been an update since June 5th. That’s not to say there hasn’t been any Japanese Snack Foodage at all because I have chocolate pope hats tasted, reviewed and written up but I’m not entirely happy with the review. It needs a touch of editing, which takes a long time. A really long time. Like over a month. Very serious stuff. OK, so I’ve been a little lazy but you know lazy and I are kissing cousins so it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that the pope hats aren’t up. I also have a review for Pumpkin Pocky but it is even worse that the pope hats. It’s so rank (the review, not the pocky) that I’m surprised you haven’t been able to smell it from there. Daaaaamn was that one fetid piece of writing, and I haven’t yet figured out how to save it so… Wait, is this still the parenthetical expression?).

Whew, talk about your tangents, maybe I should have put that first part in parenthesis. Looks like this just very well may be an SAST since I have no ambition to wax anything on subjects that require any ounce of thought. My laziness extends beyond tardy JSFRs to just about everything lately. I had lunch with Dirge today and I felt like the Office Space guy as I walked to the LS. I just didn’t want to go back. My boss isn’t here either (hasn’t been all week. woot) but I still just didn’t want to go. Obviously I’m at the low ebb of the apathy circle or maybe I just plain fell off. Feed me a Cheeto?

So, what’s been happening. Well, there is this weird mistyping thing that I have going on which has me stymied. Sometimes I wind up mistyping things like buffetes instead of buffeted but the D and S are so close together I don’t really count that. Then there is the classical adn or teh (or ot, which I just typed instead of or, but again neighboring keys) which is a thinking/typing too fast mistake (most likely the thinking part because typing too fast? That slays me. If I’m typing too fast for anybody, they are probably dead). No, the past couple of weeks I have looked up to find words like wondem for wonder and I have to pause and say to myself WTF? Those keys aren’t anywhere near each other. It’s the alien implants or maybe those mucus bugs, who knows but it sure is weird.

TheMan got himself a doozie of a cold the day we got back (in which he snotted out exactly zero mucus bugs despite the mind boggling quantities of goo exuding from his head. Your welcome) and then by Sunday, magically, it was much, much better. Except his eyelid started to get red and irritated and by Monday morning it had swollen up quite alarmingly. He says he was bitten on the eyelid (ow, ew!) but I think his cold just changed locale and hunkered down over his eyeball. Whatever the cause, he’s still red and very poofy today.

The weirdoes were very glad to see us when we got back. Isaak has gotten into the habit of being my shadow (I even sat on him the other day) and meowing all the time. Meow, meow, meow, meow… You would think he was abandoned or something, despite the fact that DQ looked in on them while we were away. She said Isaak finally let her pet him on the last day so they were getting plenty of affection if they wanted it. Vande is in love with DQ so I’m sure she tried to hog all the kitty scritchies as is her wont but she too was glad to see her cat people home. She has been all affectionate like when she has not been spending time UPSTAIRS. She also has a love affair with the UPSTAIRS, to which she had her access denied all week. Tragedy! We let them free range all night long last night and she was gone daddy gone to her lover the second floor the entire night. Weird cat.

Heh…speaking of JSF, which I was somewhere up there, I did buy some more snack food today. Shut up, everyone needs chocolate orange pocky. I’m going to unleash it at the game tonight. Yum yum!

Hey! Next week is Art Fair. Hooo!

Last Year at the booniverse: Either that or roll over a couple dozen booths. Now, if the 3 foot ceramic Veggies guy happens to be one of the booths that can’t be such a horrible thing can it?

2 Responses to “Long Time Gone?”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Dang! I would have liked to have tried that Chocolate Orange Pocky….

  2. boo Says:

    *wiping crumbs from mouth* What mfftpocky?

    Man, if only I had gotten this post earlier, we ate the last stick about 15 minutes ago. I’ll make it up to you and bring sommat tasty to the game Sunday.