Origins 09: Smithee 18

Hi everyone!

Oh, so much not going right this year everywhere. We got bounced around from room to room and Origins never did change the time of the event from their published 8pm to our requested 7pm. As is, we barely made it in under midnight (9 seconds to spare) so an 8pm start would have been murder. I am not exactly certain why the online time wasn’t changed but the Origins people seemed to be overwhelmed with difficulties this year so I didn’t ask. Instead I sent our newest balloteer, Captain Ballot! out with our resident luchadore to spread the word of our impending start time. I am a bossy ninja! Also, Captain Ballot and the luchadore are the most conspicuous looking of us so I figured people would at least stop and look.

Everyone, meet Captain Ballot! Saving Smithee 18 single handedly with his super power ballot collecting skills.

OK the pirate stepped in too so we were well staffed for ballot counting. And why the fuss you may ask? Sadly, Count von Count, the fastest ballot counter in the midwest had a family emergency and couldn’t make the convention. We did a little shuffling, pulled LunarGoegraphy from the floor to go take up the Count’s seat and called in Captain Ballot and the Pirate to help with balloteering. Things worked out smashingly, but we also did change up the Smithee day to Friday from the usual Saturday and the start time was erroneously published so we had a smaller than usual Smithee audience. 275 max voters and 345 total minds warped were our numbers which isn’t too bad at all given the circumstances.

The ballot counters set up ballot camp while the rest of us scurried around setting up our own camp. My part consisted primarily of hanging around outside and directing people in. It’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it.

The show proceeded apace with some expected results, some unusual results (Origins loved the Trancer’s 6 worst F/X enough to upset the current Voodoo academy “meh” head win. Eh, both are really good worst F/X so I can’t complain there) and some results that were just sweet to witness. That’s the joy of having seen the show before; I *know* that The Monster of Camp Sunshine in all its war time stock footage glory is still coming up even after Troll 2’s corn seduction. We had quite a few discarded ballots from people who were absolutely sure Troll 2 was going to take it and then lo! The most heavily defended nudest camp in! the! World! One lady in front was laughing so hard we began to worry if she would pass out.

We had giveaways per usual.

And then again after Worst Picture but during the final count.

We even had a final giveaway of a copy of Pinata: Survivor Island. The crowd was most pleased with the movie selection.

With 9 seconds to spare, we called it a night and bid adieu to the Smithee 18 season. I kinda like Friday night shows, Saturday was all mine to dink around with. Woot.

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