The Noise of Art

Ohboyohboyohboy! ART FAIR! Pardon me while I channel both dog and five year old. I saw the first signs of Art Fair yesterday as I was walking to TheMan’s car and I was all Oh lookie look! YAY! They must have had crews out earlier because I ran across freshly painted booth marks. Oh SQUEEE! Of course by Thursday morning I’ll most certainly be singing the @%&*$%# Art Fair tune but today I’m all excited.

Yeah, I know. Freak. I can’t help it, in theory Art Fair is a blast. There’s music and food and sales and, of course, art. There’s art on a stick (always popular), pottery art (way too popular in my opinion), wood art, textile art, picture art, glass art, metal art, strange things that may or may not be art, things that definitely are not art and then the mannequin guy. Man, his stuff gives me the willies. It would be all good if there weren’t so many damned people and if the city didn’t close off enough city roads so that it becomes virtually impossible to get from one end to the other. Have I mentioned that this city suffers from a lack of parking on a normal day? Yeah.

Anyway, I always really enjoy Art Fair on some level despite the typical native loathing of the event. I like the pre fair activity that goes on for several days before the fair. Stuff happening here, streets closing there, artists arriving and setting up, the mad scamper on opening day when some people haven’t finished their booths yet, it’s all fun to experience. Then the actual fair opens. I like looking around and seeing what’s in town for the year, cruising the stalls and casing the joint for cool stuff. I also like playing the “Find the most expensive piece of art” game and of course the “Would you look at THAT crap” game but mostly, I like seeing all the different stuff. I’m only good for about three hours of Art Fair though, so I tend to do small lunch hour scouting trips to see what is good and what I can skip for when I spend some quality time with the fair. I always take a half day off to poke around and see the sights (and not be at work, which is always a bonus).

Ooo Ooo Ooo, last Art Fair thing (for this week at least, I plan to do Art Fair updates next week with pics and everything). One of the artists that I bought stuff from last year sent me a post card with her stall number and location on it. She was good too, I’m gonna hafta get me another dragon this year (bottom of page). Heh, post card! I thought it was pretty cool.

And while you were there in the archives of ’03 here’s an interesting fact: Someone stole that pic of our feet and put it on their blog. Errr…OooooKAY. Weirder things have happened.

Right then. Moving on.

Hey you snack food junkies, check out the mad post dating. Who says I don’t love you? I’ll tell you a secret too, I finally rewrote the pumpkin pocky so that it’s at least at the 8th grade reading level (that sudden quiet you hear is the lack of utter suck that was emanating from the first version. Your welcome). It’s ready to go for Saturday. Plus, just for you, there will be a Sunday snack food entry too, guaranteed. Heh, it better, they are both in their final form and just waiting for me to hit the magic “post me” button. I think I can log on and do that for you folks.

Speaking of snack foods, were you aware that brownies are like crack for squirrels? I walked over to TheMan’s car last night carrying some left over brownies and decided to toss a chunk to a nearby squirrel. He shuffled up to it, gave it a sniff and happily ate it. Then I threw him another piece, which he went lickity-split after. When I moved off, he came running after me, waddling and all “Hey! Wait, where are you going? Food lady! Wait!” He reminded me of Little Kitty when I have krunchies or something. I threw him another piece. A second squirrel didn’t even wait for me to get the lid off the container, he was at me feet that fast. When I bent over with brownie chunk in my fingers, he grabbed them and took the brownie right out of my hand. Pretty soon they will be beating people up for whole brownies. Diag squirrels are dangerous!

Last year at the booniverse: The thing had a three foot spider-ameter (that would be the length of the biggest part of the spider body) and at least a fifteen foot spread of legs.

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  1. Kevin Says:

    I’m gonna pretty much miss Art Fair due to Amy’s sister being married on Friday (rehearsal Thursday). Alas. But I’ll hit it (however briefly) on Wednesday, because my mom always wants an Art Fair T-shirt….