Origins 09: The Other Stuff

This is going to be a catch all post for the stuff we did which I didn’t say anything about because I was posting about the awards and the Buttons in teh Breezeway. Why am I stuck on ‘teh’ lately?

Anyhow, having the show on Friday meant that we had all of Saturday to booger around and do THINGS and STUFF. Sadly, this worked much better in concept than it did in reality because we were a lot loafier and didn’t get our game on, so to speak, until about Saturday. Of course we didn’t get up until fairly late because it was the day after the show (and we went to bed at 3am after BOOZES!) and then there was the Smithee Supreme Committee meeting and dinner at Schmidts and I did some blog posting (there are times when being the promotions ninja for the Smithees sucks and keeping diligent on the blog is one of them) and then there wasn’t any more Saturday.

I did get to hang some with MediaJunkie, a Smithee fan, and her husband…who I will call Mr. MediaJunkie. Or maybe HamGuy since he was out on Ham Radio Field Day. On our way out to Schmidts I saw him set up in the corner of the hotel round-a-bout/garage landing (there is a strange strip of lipped concrete that has never really had any purpose until Saturday night). When we got back, I popped out to say hello and see what was going on.

Field day is, apparently, a big thing with Ham Radio Operators. They go out into the woods (or parking ramp in this case) and try to radio up other Ham operators. Then they log their
contacts and…ummm…come in for munchies? I’m not sure about that last part. I think the whole concept is that if the world were come to very bad terms, the Ham operators would be the collective link that kept us from devolving into utter chaos. It’s pretty neat, actually, that there are people out there prepping for this sort of thing ‘cuz I’ve read a lot of books (and seen many more movies) where something terrible happens and people are cut off from everything and UTTER DISASTER and REIGNING CHAOS! Not on their watch though.

Here’s a shot of the antenna Mr. MediaJunkie set up. One end of the antennae rig is attached to their car up on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the parking ramp and the other end, with the help of a weighted ball, is flung up in a tree. I think the actual antenna is hung from the car/tree jig.

Ahhh, Jeni’s ice cream. Truly there is no better ice cream anywhere and if you think there is, I challenge you to an ice cream duel. I’m bringing Jeni’s.

We stopped in twice, once (at least for me) for a 3 scoop of Queen City Cayenne, Kona Stout and another flavor I’m forgetting but I think it was fruity. The Queen City Cayenne was my favorite, it was chocolaty chocolate with an after taste of cinnamon and…where’s the Cayen-OH! OK. WOW that’s spicy. The Kona Stout was also very tasty and well blended. The third flavor was good but apparently not that memorable. The last day we headed over and got a 4 scoop for all of us and nommed delightedly.

Oh right! This is the props and stuff table for Super Dimensional Green Ninja Elementary Preparatory School 555. Or whatever. This was a very fun game in which your main tokens to do anything were…candy. Heh. I played the pixie girl whose candy specialty was having to consume 2d6 pixie stix before the game. For an extra 3 pixie stix, I was challenged to dump all 6 original sitx in my coffee and chug it. I did, seeing as it was really mocha and mostly gone anyhow. Pixie stix mocha sludge is the BOMB by the way. On the other hand, by about 5:30 I had the world’s biggest headache (we played 2 sessions and the second session had 24+ people in it and everyone was yelling and STABBITY!!!).

CatGirl! And Pirate lad. I just thought they were neat so I had TheMan take a pic. I think I’ve snapped her before but she still looks cool so here she is again.

I had a moment of disconnect and incredible SQUEE because LOOK! at this TABLE! It’s only $11,000 but SQUEEEE! Best table EVER! That wasn’t my disconnect though, what caught me as odd was getting a demonstration from a fella who had this big uber die which “they made hollow so when you roll it on your buddy’s dining room table it won’t scratch up the wood and his wife won’t get pissed off.” OK, first off – gamer, dining room table and wife don’t sound like they should be in the same universe much less the same sentence. I guess gamers are growing up and marrying and having little gamer tykes but it still sounds funny.

Just some pretties around the convention center.

2008: I’da said “Stop being a bitch” because dude…someone was well in need of a bit of a time-out but he just said a cup of coffee would be wonderful. See? Nice fella.

2007: Did you know violets are rhizomous plants? I did not until I started growing a crop of them.

2006: Dayum. There is nothing quite so soul sucking as having to traverse Ohio three times in less than a fortnight. Oh wait, there is: Having to traverse Ohio the third time in less than a fortnight after working an 8 hour day.

2005: I want my shirts!

2004: No ice cream makes me not post.

2003: They have two baskets of sweety things, donuts, muffins, fritters and the like and then they have errrr hot dish thingies (chaffing? Or is that separating the wheat and stem? Or is that rubbing really hard? Well the French word for big ol’ hot dish, whatever that may be) with biscuits, sausage, eggs and French toast in them.

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  1. Kevin Says:

    I think that third Jeni’s flavor was Backyard Mint. Which in your yard would have been cat mint, but at Jeni’s was still fairly tasty. Just not as memorable, apparently.

  2. boo Says:

    Riiiiiight! Backyard mint was flavor number three. I remembered that whatever flavor three was, it was on their new list but was stuck on fruity. Which mint isn’t. Thanks for remembering for me.

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