Back Again Back Again Jiggity Loot

Argh, vacation over. Sadness. Now I have to work for three whole days…THE PAIN! But first, the spoils of Origins.

Here’s a shot of all the stuff we bought or nabbed or were given which is quite a pile of stuff. You can see a copy of Vapor’s Gambit there in the back and yes, that is another copy….that we got for FREE! That game’s not actually worth more than $10-$15 because even though it’s generally amusing it has some flaws. The first flaw is that Hyperion games wants you shell out $30 for the thing. $30 is a lot for a game which is basically “get your piece around the board first”. Granted, you get to design what the board looks like but they only give you 4 straight pieces of track and 4 curved pieces of track. This means you can only build one of three track designs: a circle, a flat oval or a tall oval. Booooring. Now if you happen to stumble on a booth giving away copies of Vapor’s Gambit for, say, purchasing a copy of the Serenity Role Playing Rules book (which you’ve wanted for quite a while now because it’s an awesomely funny read) and you already have a copy of VG at home, then the limited track problem is fixed.

S curves here we come!

We also picked up a 4 pack of games from…ummm…Buffalo Games. Nacho Loco is an awesome part UNO part triominos card game (that looks like nachos!) and Slap Grab is like Spoons on steroids. They sold all 4 games for $15 and two good fun games are worth that plus we got two more!!! (Bandits and Imaginiff) Score. There’s a Monty Python Fluxx game in there somewhere as well as the booster pack and an Origins poker deck TheMan won in a drawing Flying Buffalo was holding. He also won a pack of gem cards for…ummm…having a handy pack of gem cards around. Yeah, TheMan won twice, lucky mofo. The last game hanging around is ExMachina which is Apples to Apples on steroids.

This is the yellow ninja. One of the booths, which one I can’t remember, had a dish of ninjas for the taking.

I napped the black ninja. I was very disappointed that they didn’t have a purple ninja because I would have totally snatched him up so I could have a representative of the purple ninja organization.

Here’s a close up of the little fiddly bits. You can see the games a bit better as well as the SG-1 sourcebook we picked up. We also go an awesome end of con deal on a bunch of Ars Magica books and some other graphic novel books. Check out the Jim Butcher Dresden Files! We had an awesomely fun geek out with one of the booth guys over the book…it turns out the booth guy knows Jim Butcher (he runs a gaming store Jim Butcher frequents when he is in town) and is a Patty Briggs fan. It was fun talking with him about things and stuff.

I only scored two buttons this year because nobody was really handing out buttons and I didn’t see any that I needed to buy. Plus, I can make my own so there is that. OH! Speaking of which, during Buttons in the Breezeway someone inquired after my ‘Monkeys Love Me’ button which was, naturally, on my Smithee bag. I told them to back off the button because it was MINE so they went and made themselves their own Monkeys love me Button. Hee! So yeah, one Origins Game on Button and one Hellas game thing button. Free is free though, can’t knock that.

Notice the 2 pixie sticks and 1 sucker leftover from the Advanced Green Ninja Elementary Dimensional 555 whatever game. I’m still buzzing from those other 6 stix.

Somewhere around the bottom left are our swag Origins dice (I should line them all up one day and take a pic of all the swag dice. We’ve got at least 5 year’s worth I think) and one of my favorite purchases this year…

Miskatonic Dice!!! I love how they are all block M with the blue and gold and “Miskatonic” where the Michigan should be. I was so taken with this design I picked up a car sticker as well (left side big pic). This design is absolutely full of win!

2008: I took the day off today as well. HA!

2007: JSFR: Kabaya Kisyu Ume

2006: The owner of the company (Mr. Looney himself) gave the bride away and the couple wrote their own vows. Dr. Seuss style.

2005: I, of course, found monkeys!

2004: They loaded, and loaded, and loaded and…I thought we were going to be in Vancouver for the next three days there was so much luggage.

2003: For the whole first half we were alternately dragging chairs or ballot bimbo-ing, depending on the time.

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Amy and I have played our Keesdrow game (which I saw stealthing behind a ninja in a pic, but I didn’t see a mention of). It was wordseek-a-riffic.


  2. boo Says:

    Yeah, everything we bought was in the picture (except for the little chittery critter, I forgot him) but not all of it is our stuff. Man.

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