Whatever, Feed Me a Cheeto, Damnit!

Wow, do I feel old today. My knees ache, I’m tired and grumpy and these kids these days will not quit with the copying. Gnarrrgh!

Well the saga continues with the trash initiative. Now, they have decided that they are going to cut down to cleaning the offices every other week versus the used to be once a week which used to be…oh I don’t know. Pretty soon I expect to be handed a mop and a bucket upon successful completion of my review. Congrads, here’s a 1% raise and you are now responsible for the entire cleanliness of your office. Oh, and we expect expendable cleaning supplies to be an out of pocket expense. Cheerio!

Hey, at least my trash *and* recycling got taken out this weekend. Whooo! Happy dance! Lets all wave our butts in the mild approximation of the Appreciation of the Occurrence of the Improbable Dance. Of course, the books that are supposed to be discarded daily over in the OCP division have been on the same cart in the same place (with the same bright pink “Please Discard” sign on them) since last Monday but we take these victories in small steps.

We also seem to have a sudden infestation of cockroaches and mice now. Coincidence? Correlation? Discuss!

I started out in such a mellow mood today too. That’s it, I need chocolate. Or a Cheeto. Chocolate covered Cheeto! And someone to feed it to me.

Speaking of which, we ventured into an offshoot if Japanese snack food this weekend. I picked up something that turned out to be Taiwanese (OK, y’all know by now that I don’t read Japanese, which means I most likely don’t read Chinese (true) and probably don’t read Korean, Vietnamese, Laotian, Greek, Russian, Sanskrit-hell for the record, if it aint in English lettering, I can’t read it. Now you know my deep dark secret. Moving on) but I adored the packaging so much I decided to include it in the JSFR anyway. Think of it as a close cousin or something. Anyway, once TheMan scans it in I’ll write and post it.

Oh! And stay tuned for late August and the blog-a-versary of the JSFR. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I’m pretty sure it will be something fun and different. Maybe.

Art Fair Prep Report: Was it Friday that I saw my first signs of Art Fair? It seems they are getting a jump on festivities this year as the Food-a-Palooza court has been laid out, cordoned off and tamped down (well, OK not exactly tamped, more like the plywood flooring to the booths yet to come is lying about in position. Tamped just sounded good). It may sprout booths later today even. I noticed more booth boundary marks while going to pick up Dirge for lunch. Ooo! Ooo! Fun and excitement!

Weekend Yabbeling: I’m gettin jiggy with the HTML here. BoooYAW. Anyway, we bought 16 pounds of strawberries and made them into wine. TheMan will have a more detailed report than that over at his blog right here (here! Here!! HA HA HA!) but I wanted to say that prepping 16 pounds of strawberries was much easier than I expected. I was the chick with the knife and in charge of slicing the little strawberry heads off. Zippity zip, 4 large flats like that BAMN nothing but net. Really, it went much faster than I thought it would, enough so that I’m willing to rank strawberry wine number 2 in terms of ease of prep and set up. Apple remains number 1 since all you have to do is grab 5 gallons of cider, 10ish pounds of sugar, nutrient, yeast and a big stick to stir it all with. Bippity bam, apple wine. I think you have to add one extra bippity with strawberry, but your hands will remain stained for a day and smelling like strawberry too. Not so bad a trade off really.

I also did some dishes and there you have our accomplishments for the weekend. How sad. We did hang with Scott on Friday and talked his ear off about Alaska (sorry Scott) and also talked his other guests ears off about Alaska (sorry Dave, sorry Dennis) but we got to eat a really fab meal. Hmmm, that made us sound like real pricks. It was a strange dinner thing, Dennis and Dave are quiet people and TheMan and I are talkative people so… Yeah. I guess the upshot is I need to learn to talk in small doses. Did I mention Scott made us a fab meal? Yes? Oh. Moving on!

Saturday we hung with DQ and watched the premier of Stargate SG-1 (pretty cool) and Stargate: Atlantis. I think Atlantis got a pretty solid start for a new show. There were fewer of the awkward new show moments (not to say that there weren’t a few; I’m waiting for the security chief to settle down a bit. He did a pretty good job but I think he needs to grow into his character a little more) but I think they have an edge what with SG-1 still being produced and taking two previously established characters along for the ride (Weir and the scientist guy were reoccurring roles on SG-1). We shall see, but I liked the first show.

And that is everything. Hey, where’s my Cheeto boy with my Cheetos? I’m getting hungry over here!

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