The Quiet Before the Storm

Tomorrow all hell breaks loose and that which is Art Fair begins. I’m looking forward to it, yet I know as soon as the crowds and the hot (because it’s always hot during Art Fair) and the muggy (because it always rains at least once during Art Fair, but not enough to actually cool anything down) set in, I’ll be cranky as all get out. So, enjoy the happy excited boo while it lasts. Heh.

Today, as I expected, the meters were all jacketed (probably late last night) and as usual there were a handful of cars leftover still parked in the now illegal spaces. I wonder how many get towed each year? They also barracaded off the streets, which I was initially surprised at until I realized that Art Fair starts tomorrow. Everything has to be in its place by 9am, so they need to start putting it out today sometime. I got a day off somewhere and had them still setting up tomorrow. Good thing I’m not an artist!

The Food-a-Palooza court is in full swing with the setting up and whatnot and I came across an artist already setting up camp. Huh! S.U. is spray marked with booth numbers (must have happened sometime between now and last Friday) and at the far end they had unloaded some sort of structural whatsits. I have no idea, but they looked official like and there were workmen guys with gloves and everything tossing these thing-its out of one of those construction side panel trucks. Very official. I’m going to cruise around at lunch and take in the sites.

Notes from last night: I think I am having an asthma thing because I was wiped by the time we got home. I had a bit of a lie down and was completely dead to the world for an hour. I had also put in a load of wash, so technically I was doing house work. I love laundry napping. TheMan mowed the lawn and made dinner; I grabbed my happy new over the head pillow and snoozed. Yeah, I’m late to the two pillow thing, I know but at Origins when I was napping after lunch (shut-up, lunch napping is a beautiful thing!) I discovered that if I commandeered TheMan’s pillow things were nicely dark quiet tasty. Mmmmmm. Unfortunately, TheMan likes to have a pillow to sleep with so I had to scrounge for an extra pillow when we got home. Yesterday (or was it Sunday?) I found a derelict pillow and pressed it into service as my head covering. Stylin.

I would also like to point out that the two pillow system keeps the cats from yanking the covers off from over my head when they flounce down to nap with me. They do that ALL the time and it drives me nuts (Arrrr!) because I can not stand to sleep without something over my head. Many a night has been spent getting comfy, dozing off, waking up abruptly as one of the cats settles the blankets rather spectacularly off my head, yanking the covers back and disturbing said cat, dozing off, waking up again as said displaced cat gets comfortable again and the covers go flying off my head. Wash, rinse, repeat. Damn cats. But! No more since I have a happy second pillow! Yes I am well aware that a resounding FREAK needs to be added to these past two sentences, but I’m getting happy, quiet, non cat yanked sleep so I don’t care. Nyah!

TheMan and I played a bit of EQ last night as well and found some cool changes. First, pets zone with casters now so no more wasted pet reagents. Whooo! Next, they put a time remaining roll over thing on buff icons so it is possible to see how much longer a buff will be on a character. Before it was all guess work. Lastly, they FINALLY have a status bar that says exactly how much mana a character has left. Bout time that. We played the palafrog/enchanter duo for an hour (eh, not so bad but nothing noteworthy) and then the necro/monk pair and I gotta say, the necro pet rocks. Of course I’m used to the enchanter pet so maybe I’m old to the scene but Jabober the skeleton pet took out a blue all by himself without any help and lived to tell the tale. Cool. We also took out a train of six or seven critters (thankyouverymuch the munch who trained us) with relative ease. THAT was wicked. I was expecting the monk to go down in a fiery flailing of fist and badger fur but he held his own.

TheMan plays the monk and enchanter, in case you were curious. The enchanter/palafrog are our main characters but when we need a break, we play the monk/necro and do a bit of role reversal. He gets to whale on things and put some hurt on while I get to cast all sorts of tasty spells (plus drive a pretty cool pet. Mr. Bones, kill that thing there!). Eh, it’s fun and better than meat hooks! Ew.

Last year at the booniverse: Musta been Art Fair recupe because nothing at all was going on at the ‘verse.

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