The Quest for Frootiness (Art Fair Day 1)

In a surprise turn of events, I am all about the mellow today…even after I was out in the hot and nast and bazillions of stupid people. How’s that for newsworthy? Oh, I did have my “biotch” moments but if you nearly run me over with your industrial sized stroller because you are walking and talking with your gal pals and NEVER ONCE STOP TO LOOK WHERE YOU ARE PUSHING YOUR CHILD, don’t expect me to be all nice and cheery. In truth, that was more Alessar’s gig since I was playing with the frooty drink umbrella at the time and looked up to see stroller lady not looking either. I couldn’t really get hypocritical pissy over that, especially since I was enjoying being off the beaten path and a frooty drink at the same time. Nah, I just shoulder checked a lady who had stopped to have a long meaningful chat with her friend in the middle of the walk gap between the street barriers. Who stops in the middle of an obvious thoroughfare and just stands there yabbling while people pile up behind them?

Art Fair crowds bring out the cranky in me. I can not STAND when I’m walking in a nice flow of people and we are all walking along more or less at the same pace and then BAMN someone stops dead in the walking path and ogles the art. I’m not talking one or two people lengths from the booths either, I’m talking the very outer edge, at least 3 or 4 people deep from the art. If you want to look at the art, buddy, get your ass in front of the art booth and eyeball the stuff all you want. Otherwise I’m likely to run you clean over.

Crowds bother me.

So today’s Art Fair mission was to generally scope things out, maybe. As I said, I was all about the mellow but I thought, as long as I was out, I’d stop by Wizzywig and pick up another flavor of the Chelsea Scotches. They had a third flavor Hiller’s did not and it would take me through a little Art Fair to get there. I was also accompanied by Alessar (who almost did not come along until I promised him a frooty drink. It’s his birthday and I think we may have a tradition of buying frooty drinks on one’s birthday) but solely because of the frooty drink promises. I made him thread through Art Fair (and go to Wizzywig too) all the way to Main Street where we hit the mother load of frooty drinkage. They had a place selling black raspberry/banana or mango-orange/banana or strawberry/banana or kiwi-somethingorother/banana smoothies. Of course they were over priced. Of course we got black raspberry/banana ones and let me tell you, they were delish.

I only mention our Main Street trek because I had a thing about frooty drinks and Main Street while Alessar had a thing about not going so damn far away from our point of origin, but he came along anyway. He did remark that he retained the right to thoroughly razz me upon any failure to procure said frooty drink on or near the vicinity of Main Street and I was go with that. Remember; the mellow. Besides, I was having a most amazing frooty drink shui thing going on and lo! Maui Wowi and the amazing frooty drinks of doom, right there on Main Street. Plus, we passed an Edy’s ice cream booth giving out free samples (on or near the vicinity of Main Street) so all was good.

We did do a bit of drive by gawking (by that I mean walking and looking but not hindering anyone’s flow of action. Like scouting, sort of) and actually stepped into one guy’s booth. He did the coolest wood work stuff (and I’ll get a pic too when TheMan and I hit the fair for real on Friday) so we had to take ourselves off the walking path (see? THAT’s how it’s done, y’all. Step out of the way of the stream of people walking and into or next to a booth so no one gets trampled) and give the booth a good once over.

We briefly saw some other cool stuff, like stained glass and paintings and pottery (because there is always pottery; although I did notice the world’s best coffee mug ever on one booth. It could hold about a gallon of the wake up juice easily. I’ve had mornings like that) and the musical instrument welding guy. Oh! We also passed by the Peruvian Indian crowd doing their Peruvian Indian song stuff. I love those guys. They are selling musical instruments too…I may have to pick one up (like I don’t already have a bazillion at home I don’t play). I went further than I normally do on a lunch outing so there was quite a lot of stuff to see. The best part was the fact that I kept my mellow. I still have it too. Ahhh.

Tomorrow I think I’ll walk up and down State Street and take a good look at the booths. Today was rather Art Fair light, considering the primary goal was to find and buy some sort of frooty drink. Mission accomplished with some art eye candy thrown in for fun. Oh say, and some real candy too. It’s all good!

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5 Responses to “The Quest for Frootiness (Art Fair Day 1)”

  1. Scott Rutter Says:

    Who stops in the middle of an obvious thoroughfare and just stands there yabbling while people pile up behind them?

    one word – targets!

  2. Brenda Says:

    Heh, I thought for sure the target comment was going to be Dirge’s!

    Anywho, you have to give up the goods on this frooty drink stand on Main? I must have frooty!

  3. boo Says:

    Heh, yeah. I expected Dirge to to have written the above comment. Run into Art Fair morons, Scott? Oi!

    Well, the frooty drink place is called Maui Wowi and it’s on the north side of Liberty just past Main. Not only do they have great frooty drinks, BUT the workers wear the BEST Hawaiian shirts too. Plus, you get an umbrella with your frooty drink. Can’t beat that!

  4. Alessar Says:

    It’s true! They had paper umbrellas in their frooty drinks. Also, the Edy’s sample? Very yum.

  5. Scott Rutter Says:

    Hey, I may be a dad, but I still believe in courtesy while driving!