It’s All Art to Me (Art Fair Day 3)

Yeah, about that Day 2 thing, see, we went out to eat and me and the quesadillas had a digestive disagreement that lasted a good portion of Thursday so, no Day 2. You can pretty much assume it went more or less like Day 1 or any of the days from last year. In other words, there was art and people and hot. Really, one needs not to go every day to the Art Fair I have decided. Heh, the Art Fair honeymoon is over.

BUT, TheMan and I did have plans to “do the fair” on Friday so this we did. Our first stop was almost Cottage Inn to meet with Dirge and Shar but all parties were running late so we wound up in the Food-a-Palooza for Art Fair Fare. Last year, the Food-a-Palooza was a disappointment in several dish offerings (so I wasn’t greatly inspired to get anything yet I was hungry) so I chose the blackened chicken on a pita with veggies and cucumber sauce. It was very tasty, if quite messy. The Food-a-Palooza redeems itself, huzzah.

I also want to mention that I was wearing my happy clothes because I was slated to get my review the same day (only a week late! Moving up in the world). I decided to dud up in my frooty drink faux Hawaiian shirt with snappy red shell and stylin matching red undies because the ensam pleased me greatly. Plus, somedays it’s all about the undies. On the way to food, we passed an artist wearing the same stylin frooty drink Hawaiian shirt. I did not know there could be two, so I said in my cheery “Hey! Look at you stylin too” voice “Nice shirt!” but all I got in response was a weak grin, a noncommittal “heh” and a dismissive wave. Fucking artistes. I bet he was just jealous since *I* wore my outfit hella better than he. I mean shell and matching undies? I EXUDED mastery of the Frooty Faux Hawaiian shirt wearing whereas he was merely “Artiste guy in a fruity drink shirt”. Besides, I bet he didn’t get his shirt from a total stranger a year after commenting about how rad the shirt was. Oh no, I am 100% positive Mr. Artiste had to go out and buy his own shirt because he has no raving fans willing to give him the shirts off their backs. Your art sucked too, Mr. Artiste.

Hrrmph. ANYWAY, Artiste guy aside, the food was good and we got to see where Shar worked (she started a new job on Thursday) however, TheMan was suffering from shin ow so our amble though Art Fair was shortened. We started by stopping to rest a bit and listen to “Three Men and a Tenor” sing (good stuff). They sounded a lot like The Bobs but the name made me take pause; are Tenors NOT men? Why the distinction? They were performing on the new stage near the Tower but close enough to the MLB so that we could find shade and a wall to sit and listen on (in…whatever) and thus, our enjoyment was heightened. Anywhere that you can sit in the shade at Art Fair is to be treasured. Incidentally, I had heard a poetry slam thing on the same stage Wednesday so it was a hoppin place for all manner of entertainment.

We then went hither and thither and did all that Art Fair type looking as best as we could while limping along and trying to not kill any of the stupid people (who always seem to show up in mass at these things). We wound up cutting things short since TheMan was having a bad day, but I did drag him to several of the previously scouted cool booths.

This is the wood inlay guy I mentioned Wednesday, is that not the coolest stuff ever? This guy is good and lives at Hudson River Inlay when he is not elsewhere. Anyway, I liked this one because the top, which is mother of pearl, is inlayed to look like stained glass. Plus, it has a Japanese flair element going for it and I love me some Japanese looking stuff.

On our way we met up with the Peruvian Indian guys, who are actually Ecuadorian in origin, much to my disappointment. Peruvian is a much cooler sounding word. But Ecuador is a cool place to be from too, I suppose (never been from there) and they have very cool music. We bought a disc while we were stopped and listening.

This guy cracked me up, he was grooving and dancing and selling all at the same time. He was more of a show than the guys doing the singing and playing. He was even groovin’ during the whole transaction of buying a disc, that’s one dedicated grooving PeruvianEcuadorian Dude. See why Peru would have been a much better place of origin? Le sigh.

On our way home, we met up with the shpiiiidar guy from last year, who did not have a shpiiidar with him. He did have a moose, a bear (possibly the same one from last year), a cranky warrior guy, another grill guy who was…errr…not a sauhaugin and small bugs.

This is the coolest thing ever and I wish I could (or TheMan in this case) have gotten a pic from the side because the Artist really nailed (hee! I slay me) gorilla. It looked like a giant muscle bound gorilla, in fact, it exuded essence of gorilla which the front on view doesn’t capture as well as I would have liked. Unfortunately, everyone and their brother was walking up to it and goggling at it so whatever pic we could get without someone’s big ol’ head in the way would have to do. Next year, I’m taking the camera with me before work when the fair isn’t officially open yet. Fucking people.

Here’s this year’s Cranky Warrior Guy. He is shinier than last year’s guy and about as tall. He is also wearing a leather loin cloth and rumor has it he is anatomically correct. I did not look since he was carrying a giant spiked club. Respect the club. More cool stuff of this nature can be found at Bill Secunda’s site. Go, look, be awed.

These fellas were where shpiiidar was last year. I guess big and metal is the thing these days. The heads of these critters are free rolling so when the wind blows they bob up and down, which is cool. The guy also had big honkin moose at his booth which, with the giant metal racks, were quite impressive. I got to hang out near that corner for a while waiting for TheMan to drive by (don’t ask, but it has to do with a bag that was forgotten and had to be retrieved) so I got to watch the moose bobbing slowly in the wind. I was also serenaded by a steel drum band doing their thing to both Chariots of Fire and Just the Two of Us (or whatever that tune may be. I think it was a Lionel Ritchie tune) which was different, if not interesting. You get all sorts of different stuff at Art Fair.

Lastly, I leave you with Isaak and his moment of Zen. It’s ALL about the shoes.

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