Millennium Cockroach Reunion Porn.

In one entry you get the standard weekend recap plus some extra porn and penguin wine. Who could ask for more? (I’m also trying to see how many hits I get off the title. HAH!)

Hmmm, well this weekend was a mix o’ stuff while this morning sucked. On the interesting side, I did get to see the biggest cockroach this side of a Palmetto bug strolling across the stairs. When you are bigger than a June bug I guess there is really no need to scurry. He had it going mosey style, which may be more frightening than a cockroach scurrying for cover. He don’t need no stinkin’ cover. The building manager was right behind me, so I asked her if she wanted a beetley bug and she went off on how the exterminators were just here. That’s potentially the most disturbing part of the whole encounter, the fact that this cockroach was a survivor.

Heh. Hee Hee, we now have a resident perv here at the LS. Last week this guy was at one of the public terminals looking at hot seXXXy chicks (oh-la-la!) until someone happened to walk by. Then lickity BAMN he would hide whatever he was looking at behind another window. *peek* BAMN, *peek* BAMN all day long. In truth, I never did see clearly if the chickies were nekkid or not but they were all in poses that one certainly does not expect to find from the fine women of Plus, he left a huge trail in the history that could only be porn sites. Or porn site to be, I suppose. Anyway, I didn’t see him Friday (but I discovered his cheat sheet on the table. Oh the places he will go) but he was back at it again today. This time he learned how to C-A-D out of an offensive site but he has yet to learn how to wipe the history from the computer he is working at. Plus, I found where he stashed his cheat sheet.

I was all for taking the sheet and replacing it with one that read “This is not an appropriate place to view your porn, please quit” or maybe even “Kent, this is God. Stop playing with yourself”. Eh, I guess we are just going to wait it out or something. Whatever. Hee, resident perv.

OK, OK, OK, guess what is out on DVD! Guess! No! Give up? MILLENNIUM! Whooo! *happydance* Man, that was one good show and now it’s out on DVD and I’m all sorts of thrilled. I do not know why I get so geeked about TV shows coming out on DVD but WHOOOO! I think it’s because I lived in the era before VCRs where if you missed a show it was gone daddy gone. We got our first VCR in 1980 so that is a lot of formative years spent as a slave to the weekly offering just so I would not miss any of my shows. I just can not get over the fact that they have TV shows on DVD! I mean, I can watch them any time I want to now instead of hoping in vain that someone somewhere might pick my show up in syndication. Whoot, babE!

OK, that’s over. On to the recap since it is Monday after all. Friday we watched the Stargate line up with DQ and had a small birthday thing for TheMan. He now has Bocce balls. Hee! A game where you are encouraged to hurl heavy round objects at things is boss in my book. OK, the things are technically the other balls in the set but one can always miss right? “Oops” Yeah, I’m not so good at croquet either, at least the accepted form of playing croquet. Something about the heft of the balls appeals to the destructive side of my nature. Muahahaha!

Saturday we did absolutely nothing for the longest time. I got up and fixed biscuits with very toasty omelet (shut up, it was still very good, thankyouverymuch) and mocha chasers and then we…errr…did more nothing for an extended period of time. Finally we got up and went shopping for eats so we did something at least. Then we came back, fixed some pot luck items for Sunday and did even more of nothing. Rob called so we invited him over to help us do nothing which turned into a NWN LAN party and drinking fest. PENGUIN WINE! That pretty much sums up Saturday right there.

Sunday was the trek to Saginaw and the family reunion of more people in TheMan’s family that I hadn’t met. It was on a working farm (cool!) with a field of freshly harvested straw, which looks vaguely like a three acre welcome mat. Maybe for the Jolly Green Giant? We thought, since there was wind and we had kites and there were no wires or trees in said field, that it would be the perfect place to fly said kites. Lemmie just say that straw leftovers scratch and leave itty bitty straw bits in your skin as you plow around trying to get a damned kite to launch in the wind (which mysteriously disappeared once we got our kites out). The food was good though. Mmmm, beans.

We came home, we itched, and then we started on another house project. We now have a little more organizational space in the house due to my L337 bookcase building sk1llz and TheMan’s amazing power of tools. Nothing big, but it was a project that has been half done for about ever now. No, sorry, it wasn’t the finishing of the bathroom. Two weeks!

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2 Responses to “Millennium Cockroach Reunion Porn.”

  1. Donald Says:

    “Kent, this is God. Stop playing with yourself” – That’s awesome. Life would be better if we could find more ways to work Real Genius into every conversation.

  2. boo Says:

    Hee! Unfortunately it isn’t LS policy to quote Real Genius at patrons who are not towing the line. And that is a great sadness.