*sniff* No TheMan, no projects completed and no more porn.

Bah! I went home yesterday after work feeling like poo, crawled into bed and lay there shivering until I piled up about 14 million blankets onto the bed. OK, so it was only three, but one was a down throw, the other was a nice bulky comforter and the last was this thermal doohickey we have. I was illin! I don’t think I have been sick like this very often before and I discovered that you can be freezing cold with a skin temp of about three bazillion degrees. At least I was keeping the bed all toasty warm (Like a potato!). Don’t know if it was bad food (lunch and I were having words) or if I got some sort of flu thing or what. Today, I’m a bit touchy in the tum with a side of fuzzy headache head but other than that, not bad.

Oh, and everything hurt yesterday. Even my fat. How can fat hurt? That’s just not right. I did grab the last sugar pop and some water and proceeded to drink much liquidage in short bursts so YAY me on the whole taking care of myself while sick thing. Unfortunately this, as you can imagine, led to much peeing which was not so YAY. Every hour I was taking my shaking, burning, hurting, headachy, freezing, woozy self out of my nice warm cocoon of a bed and hiking it up stairs to relieve my bladder. It was not a pretty picture. Despite all this, the cats slept happily with me most of the time. I think it was the BTUs I was firing off. Oi!

There is much sadness in the boo house today and it will continue through the rest of this week. My man is off gallivanting with the transweb people helping to provide a better web cast for the Transplant games. Foo. I suppose I do get to sprawl out over the whole bed (hey! Maybe that’s why the cats were hanging out, no TheMan!) but he has only been gone one day and I’m all about the missing. I’m especially grumpy that he will be gone during his birthday. What poor planning of the transplant people to schedule the games during his birthday! They should have checked with me first. Hrrumph!

Onto other news! I thought our resident porn guy had fled the coop since there was no trace of him yesterday but no. I guess he gets Tuesday off (Hee! I slay me). He’s a pretty crafty sort too, he went to the reference desk and asked for some statute or other book and had it out on the desk like he was doing legit stuff. He even had the e-resources page up so to all practical appearances, he was any Joe doing research BUT I happened to take a look at his “notes”. I don’t think the European Union has any web sites that have seXXXy-mamas as any part of their URL. Heh. His modus operandi of quick closing the offending windows hadn’t changed, but my boss discovered that by lurking at the door to her office he couldn’t see her so he didn’t think anyone was watching. Wait, wouldn’t that make my boss a porn guy stalker then? Ahhh, ew. Anyway, Boss caught him watching some spicy quick time movies and asked him to leave. So, no more porn guy. Alas, back to the same old same old around here.

Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Our house beautification project is complete (mostly). We had bought two 6 foot curio shelving units (about a foot by 8 inches) to go at the far end of the living room but in order to put them there, the smaller curio (or perhaps CD shelf, really it’s a most inconvenient size for anything other than CDs) shelf unit needed to be moved. Before the smaller shelves could be moved, the vent needed to be altered so the two book cases could scootch together. Sunday, TheMan fixed the vent and we moved the smaller shelf unit between the two book cases and pushed the whole kit and caboodle together in a tighter and more pleasing arrangement. This also meant that the eight or so inches of book shelf that had been hanging into the entry way got moved out of the entry way. Now our living room looks HUGE! Monday we finished putting together the two newer shelf units and put them where they go. To top the project off, all three lamps that had been sitting (for-like-EVER) and patiently waiting for us to get off our duffs, were placed on the tops of the shelving units. We have light! Huzzah! I even went so far as to populate some of the curio shelves but I’m not quite done cubbying things yet. Hence, the “mostly” done status of said project. Still, it should free up some space so we can get all the shelves organized and stuff wont be hanging out homeless all over the place. We are some crazy crap collecting people!

Also in the news, I got my official updated Job Description/Qualifications thing yesterday. The U is going on about job reclassifications and what-not so everyone is getting their job descriptions all shinied up. According to my new and improved Job Description, I needed to have had 3 to 5 years of experience in “the performance of progressively responsible office experience”, “coursework in office procedures or an equivalent combination of education and experience” and the “ability to type 40-60 wpm with accuracy”. Woah, not only could I have not gotten my job back when I hired in for it (lack of “progressively responsible office experience” and do they really offer courses in office workings?) but I no longer qualify for it now! See the whole typing thing. Yup, still hunting and pecking here. Mind you, I H&P at a pretty good clip, but the whole “with accuracy” thing has me. That’s what the backspace key is for!

Ugh, this day is going at an infinitesimally slow rate. Did somebody open a black hole around here because daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamammmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnn!

Last yeat at the booniverse: Unfortunately I missed the transition so I was still on ‘OK, he’s all appreciative to be here etc.’ mode when the bodies, mass grave and starving five year old came zinging out of no where.

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  1. susan Says:

    You sure can take classes in office workings! Though you are going to see them more at community college type places. Do you need some remedial office edumacation? 🙂