Not Much Happenin’

Hmmm. Looks like an every other day thing going on this week. I’d have posted yesterday but nothing happened. Nada. I came to work, I felt icky, I worked, I felt icky, I went home (feeling icky) and went to bed. I woke up early this morning. I feel kinda spicy today. Mrowr!

I’m not saying the flu poisoning (see? That way I don’t have to decide if it was a three day long food poisoning or mild flu bug) is completely over but I will say I woofed a tuna salad sammich for lunch and it was goooood. Yesterday I ate lunch because I knew I should eat something. Today, I was all about the tuna salad sub. Mmmm. That’s a good sign in my book.

Oh! And I did dishes this morning. Go me. I’ll still probably have a bit of a lie down before the Stargate Extravaganza, just to be sure and all. You can’t rush through these flu poisonings. Besides, nap!

I did get to iChat with TheMan…errr…Wednesday evening. Did you know iChat has a phone function? It’s like Ma Bell but cheaper! Except TheMan’s voice is really teeny tiny and I had to turn off the AC and banish Isaak, who was purring up a storm, in order to hear clearly. Still, it was pretty cool. TheMan was in the temporary office over at the Transplant games so his coworkers thought he was raving nuts talking to his computer. What can a wife do at that point but cackle maniacally? Heh! At least I did not tell him that I had no pants!

It appears that I’m also all about the exclamation point today, and not just here either. Me and ol’ down pointy-dot are like homies, y’know an I like to look after my peeps so I use ol’ down pointy-dot whenever I gets the chance, dog.

Or something. You know, I think I actually mixed ghetto and valley girl there. That’s just not right.

Where was I….oh right, iChat. After hanging up (closing out?) with TheMan I surfed for a while and lo! The Man in Japan (aka Randal of the 2 Ls) zwerlps on. (Zwelrp being the iChat noise of iChat doing its iChat thing). I talked to him a bit about this that and the other and found out that TheMan had talked to Rot2Ls yesterday, which was in our reality earlier that morning. Frekky! Rot2Ls was already in tomorrow. That boggles my mind.

And that’s about all I have to say. No really. Tuna salad and the international date line pretty much sums it up. Don’t you wish you had my exciting life? Tomorrow I have plans to go mini golfing with Dirge and Shar and for the record, it’s not about the score but how far and through how many courses you can hit the ball. Heh, my mini golf game and my croquet game seem to have something in common.

One last item of note: Tomorrow is TheMan’s birthday. Happy pre-birthday babe!

Last year at the booniverse: After that, I went inside to find that TheMan had negotiated a total surrender of the Horde and for once there was counter space. I think I might have had a small stroke.

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