A 4th of July Meme

Heh…it’s like fireworks but flowery!

I decided to just make up a 4th of July meme seeings as I haven’t meemed for a while, I’m lazy and today is a all posting from the beginning of the booniverse day. So here it goes.

Favorite 4th of July song:
Aw man, Sousa has got to account for my top five 4th of July songs because really, is it a 4th of July if you are able to go all day without hearing Stars and Stripes Forever? No, no it is not. As cliche as that is, I’m a HUGE fan of Stars and Stripes Forever. We played it quite a lot in marching band way back so I like to pick out the little parts everyone played. Did you know that there is a trombone solo in there? No one ever goes, “Ooooo! It’s the trombone solo!” How sad.

Favorite 4th of July picnic food:
Bomp-bomp-bomp poTAYto salad! It’s gotta be mustard potato salad with egg though. That’s salad worth coming back for seconds. Or thirds. Or…

Favorite 4th of July parade element:
As fond as I am of bands, and I’m really geeked about the bands, I have to say that the horses are what make it for me. I guess I never grew out of the preteen horsey years.

Favorite 4th of July firework:
Oooooo, I like the HYOOJ two stage sky obliterating big boomers. You know the ones where you can see the rocket trail as the thing is shot off and it goes up and up and up and then….wait….wait….wait BOOM! The whole sky is covered by a giant flowery display. Then, just as your lungs are complaining to you that the know perfectly well when to breathe in, thankyouverymuch, the color of the flower changes to blue or green or even shoots off those white squiggly whistler deelies until finally, the whole kit and kaboodle falls into golden glittery oblivion. THAT’s a firework.

Favorite 4th of July memory:
The mostest, coolest memory of 4th of July festivities I have is when TheMan and I were on our honeymoon cruise and hit the town of Skagway on the 4th. They had 2! bagpipe bands! They also had the fish store float that threw goldfish crackers (hee) and foot races and pies. They were auctioning off pies!!!

2008: There was an aquarium right in the middle of the floor. Why? I don’t even remember owning an aquarium of that size but there it was.

2007: I also packed for Origins because it had been long enough between washing that most of what we were going to take was dirty and packing was easier than folding and putting away. I’d say I was a genius but in fact, I’m lazy.

2006: Even though drunk packing might seem like a really bad idea, it beats the socks off of hung over packing.

2005: Sadly, we did not get to see who stole Ed’s Pants as we had to catch lunch.

2004: All I can say about the experience is that nowhere in MY book is a Danish less than two inches in diameter.

2003: The bushes have all gone bazoo and have taken to giving me the evil eye every time I walk by.

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Oooh! Have you seen the Muppet version of the Stars & Stripes Forever? It’s worth hunting up!

  2. Boo Says:

    I’m not sure I have…I should Youtube it (because I don’t have enough to do already without being sucked into teh YouTubes).

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