Rain and Cars and Other Stuff

Alllrighty then. I hadn’t realized that when the weather forecast said 80% under rain percentage that it meant percentage of the day that it would rain. It has been raining since early this morning and has not stopped yet. It’s not a fearsome howling wet thrashing rain so no one is in danger of drowning. Yet. However the constant drizzle drizzle might just drive me frooty nuts if it doesn’t quit soon. Hate days like this because my already low motivation is pretty much sapped what with the gray and the wet and the just wanting to go home and snuggle under the covers.

I have to go to the Secretary of State too and I am NOT looking forward to that. Fortunately I have a book, unfortunately I am dreading picking up ticket 102 only to hear them call “Number 17…now serving number 17”. Ooo! Or better yet “Number 110…now serving number 110” Yeah, that would be my luck. I’m also thinking that they will be all pissy because I don’t have their little Seccy of State doohigamagiger that they send out in the mail (because I DIDN’T GET ONE). They never sent me that paper whatsit back in December that said “You can renew by mail blah blah expiration cakes” so when January 4th rolled around I finally made the whole Birthday month/license tag expiration connection. December seems a lot further away from January to me than just one month over. I think it’s because January rolls over a new year so December was an entire year ago! Plus, you never see January and December together in a calendar (at least in the 12 month ones) so it just didn’t occur to me that January was right around the bend until there it was.

Normally, no big. I’da gone in before the end of January (when my birthday is) and gotten things squared away, but this year they instituted this whole ‘need to get that shit done before your birth month or we will levy heavy fines on your ass’ thing. On the 4th, I was already screwed so we decided to back burner it. As you can see, eight months later, we don’t do much mental cooking. Now we have a need to move the behemoth onto the street so that we can utilize the driveway during the parTAY, which means current tags. Yup, that’s our motivation folks. Oh, and while the truck is street legal, we might as well pick up a tub for the bathroom. Sad. I need to change the oil in that beast too, it must look like black silly putty by now. Yikes.

Speaking of bathroom, TheMan spent some quality time with his power tools in the construction zone that will someday be our downstairs bathroom. I know one plasterboard section went up and another drywall panel got screwed down but I can’t tell you exactly what else went on. Well, other than the crown molding delirium. When someone comes out of a gutted bathroom with a wild light in their eyes and says “How do you like crown molding” is the proper response “Not so much as a main course but grilled lightly with a little gorgonzola and it makes a fine appetizer”? I guess we are adding crown molding to our bathroom project. Keen!

What’s crown molding exactly?

I did not mow (the lawn was too wet) but I did behead some weed trees that were junking up the landscaping (such as it is). It was surprisingly hard work too I guess. There I was with the extendo pole of good sized sapling cutting doom staking through the lawn with a cut here and a snip there and SWEATING UP A STORM! The most I ever cut in a row was maybe 7 saplings (from the sorcerer’s apprentice tree that will not die. I think we are going to have to dig it up or salt it or something) and the sweat was rolling off my head. It was a really nice day too in terms of heat so it must have also been incredibly humid. Either that or I am so way out of shape that sapling stalking tires me out. Whew! After that, I boiled the driveway and ripped up the nasty green fake grass covering stuff on our porch that has gone bad.

See! I did stuff too!

After that, it was shower and bed for me. I tell you, snipping down 10 treelets really takes it out of you.

Last year at the booniverse: We had blueberry pie, which was a combo effort of my l33t pie making skillz (re: Pre-made pie shells and Betty Crocker blueberry pie directions minus the top crust. What are you crazy? Top crust? Ch-yah, right I’m going to put on a freekin top crust, what am I industrious?) and Barb’s better judgment (she made up some great crisp and we had Dutch blueberry pie pies).

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