Star Spangled Weekend

Red, white and BOOYAW peeps, I am A-Complished!

Oh my did I get STUFF done this weekend. Primarily I did gardening with a smattering of other things but mostly gardening. I have a new ‘thing’ which I’m trying out for July and that is that I will set aside some time to exercise every day. So far, so good actually, but my main point is to specifically designate time to get my fat butt moving. It doesn’t have to move fast or well, I’m just trying to break in a new habit for July (and hopefully I’ll notice some benefit by the end of the month) and then in August I’ll see about working on the substance of the working out.

Friday I was all set to go walking uptown with LunarGeography but her head exploded so that was canceled. Sadly, StalkerPatti was still coming over to help weed the giant lush garden which is only about 10% stuff I planted and 90% other stuff that thought the compost was tasty. I spent a good two to three hours weeding and managed to liberate some of the pepper/marigold moat, the two cucumbers, a caged tomato, 2 sweet peppers and the 2 free ranged tomatoes I found visiting near the cucumber plants. I kept two of the 3 newcomers because they amused me and because they were the tasty tomatoes. Yay accidental tomatoes! StalkerPatti did a cursory weeding through her three acres of potatoes, mainly yanking the majority of the big weeds and two of my moated peppers as well.

I also admired TheMan as he put up my giant hanging tomato rig OF DOOM. The two planted hanging tomatoes got hoisted up onto the hanging rigging much to the delight of the bent over Sheppard’s hooks. The hooks I then repurposed as hose guides so the garden hose would run into the hooks and not over my coneflowers. The hooks work much better as hose guides than they did as tomato holders. My new tomato rig is UNBEATABLE! Or at least it’s awfully awesome in its tomato rigginess. Lastly, feeling that sitting on my butt weeding wasn’t exactly exercising (although it was productive and got me plenty of vitamin D), I went at the garden strip behind the house with my implements of destruction. I cleared out another 2 feet of schmub and evicted 2 rootballs. THAT I considered exercise.

Saturday LG rescheduled our walk so we ambled down to Bombidill’s for coffee. What? You expect us to just…walk? Pffft. Whatever. We caught a little bit of the 4th of July parade while picking up various noms and then walked back. That’s more walking than I thought there was going to be…daily exercising checked off! Then I figured, that as long as I was all nasty from walking that I might as well yank up more back garden. So I did.

Afterwards there may have been some napping before the last Smithee Nite Out. We’re changing up the outing a bit to “Dinner and a Smithee” at the end of the month; mainly just bumping the time back so that out of towners can come more easily and so badmovie, who goes on nights soon, can come as well. The Qs showed up (yay) and we played Nacho Loco…a game we’ve taken to calling ‘a cross between triominoes and Uno…sort of TriUminos’. It was wildly fun.

Sunday was…wait for it…MORE GARDENING! I liberated another tomato, more moat, the squash mound and I found the winter squash I thought had disappeared. It’s about 2 feet off the mound but growing well. Why? Maybe it has a squash social anxiety. I also mulched the liberated plants with the grass clippings the neighbor raked up and left with my other lawn bags. My neighbor wrocks!

Sunday night came around and we all went over to the badgardens for Paul the Other’s birthday movie gala. It was…an interesting movie full of flying submarines and the cutest sea monster ever.

2008: Angry tomatoes frighten me into not updating.

2007: LunarGeography and I needed some Starbucks (what? We did!) so we said we’d go out and rustle up some discs while getting coffee.

2006: There is one whole bedroom I’ve never seen because that’s where some of the stuff lives. Their stuff gets a bedroom!

2005: Too busy murdilating plants to update.

2004: For you Ivy League score keepers, the Yale glacier is currently in retreat while the Harvard glacier is advancing. I don’t know what that means exactly (in terms of college rivalry – I can pretty much figure out what it means in terms of glaciers) but there you go.

2003: Except for the tomatoes. I ain’t going anywhere near those things, they’ll cut me!

4 Responses to “Star Spangled Weekend”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Thank you for not belaboring the hot pepper issue….:)

  2. Boo Says:

    My poor peppers are in pepper heaven and since they didn’t have any blooms yet they died virgins. How incredibly sad!

  3. TeacherPatti Says:

    When I die, the peppers will be waiting for me. They will be angry, very angry.

  4. boo Says:

    But they were little and only two of them so it’ll be easy to take them on…with one hand tied behind your wings even.

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