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Hey yo! Weekend recap time. You know y’all have been waiting with bated breath for this so here it is in a nut shell (but one of those Brazil nuts because I love y’all too much to squeeze everything onto a pistachio shell. Mmmm, pistachios).

Friday. What the hell did I do Friday, oh right I NAPPED. Sweet, sweet sleep. We got home, decided there was no way the bathroom was going to get anywhere close to done along with the three zillion other things we had to do so we bailed on it. This left us an entire evening to get started on the other stuff so I promptly took a nap and woke up Saturday. Ain’t I the devoted wife? My poor man was working his fingers to the bone while I was off in la-la land. Heh, well whatever.

I got up early Saturday, ate some breakfast, put out the sun tea and went shopping all before 10 am. I let my poor overworked husband sleep in because damn did he bust ass the night before. I shopped like a mad thing (40 brats with accompanying buns plus 8 chicken breasts and it was just barely enough for everyone. Oi!), and then came home to start on the other three thousand things I should have done the night before. I did give the sun tea a worried eyeball since it was almost black from hanging out in the sun (I wasn’t sure how many tea bags 3 gallons should have, so I thought “Hmm, 6 per gallon sounds right, 6×3 is 18 tea bags!” and then I sort of had the water on hot when I was filling it, which made it turn dark almost instantaneously, and then the only place in the sun happened to be the bed of the truck where it cooked from the sun and from the bounce off so it was brewing like crazy three hours before the party was to start) but it all turned out tasty. Plus, three gallons of sun tea! Unfortunately, no pics. Sadness.

In two hours I mowed the lawn (front and near back a second time. To hell with the far back! Damn moles), vacuumed the stairs and upstairs, stuffed a million things in my closet so it looked reasonably clutter free, put the beans on, prepped onions, put the chicken on to marinate, vacuumed the couches, washed the windows (stupid Little Kitty and her snotty nose), moved the cars, got ice and then people started to arrive and I hadn’t showered yet! Gah! Ahh well, it was a cazh thing anyway.

TheMan got up at some point in time and chipped in with the set up and all went well. We had about 20 plus people there, drank bucket o’ Margarita that LunarGeography and Badmovie brought and played bocce in and among the four inch grass and giant mole-opolis that stands in for our back yard. That was pretty funny to watch actually, mole hills make for some interesting and unexpected ball trajectory. Us spectators were also having a fun time sinking the mole runs so there was something for everyone.

After the party began to wind down, we got out the games adn actually played 1KBWC. No! Yes!! The game that has been tooling around for 3 years finally got played. I can’t believe it myself but there we were with the cards and the playing and the all of that. Then we set to making new cards because that seems to be much more fun. I don’t get it, but that is how the Smithee Deck is evolving. This also means I have about 300 more cards to photograph and a bunch more photographs I need to locate and add to the data base. I’ll let y’all know when that happens so you can give them a peek. Some of them are pretty funny.

Sunday we went to B&J’s 50th birthday extravaganza. They always put on a pretty good party and I got to socialize with some of my dojo brothers. Always a plus (since I never go to class. Yeah, yeah, moving on). I also saw the lady who owns the Little Professor up by Westgate and it turns out she is married to one of my good karate friends. COOL!

Your moment of Zen.

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