Picto-blog II: Bored Boogaloo

The Little Kitty has some fun with The Man’s birthday present.

So we decided to have a little cat fun here at the boo house today. I went out and grabbed a bunch of the catnip that is growing like gonzos (and which, if you remember, was driving Isaak nuts when I was stepping on it with my shoes) and stuck it into one of TheMan’s dead socks.

(and look who has discovered a little photo-shopping!)

Mmm, fresh catnip! What more could a cat ask for I tell you. Well, evidently much more because after giving it a cursory sniff or two, the poor sock lay abandoned.

Hey, what’s this?

A sock?!? Really? Let me sniff!

Sock, shmock…

Try the chair! Yum.

Eh. I think I’ll pass on the chair. And the sock bores me.

I just want to say that at this point in time, the Little Kitty is getting quite stoned out of her gourd despite not having taken much interest in the sock. I guess there were some pretty heavy fumes because not moments after this pic, she came busting through the underneath of the coffee table and smacked right into my hands. Hard. Plus, she started looking like this.


Perhaps the lack of kitty exuberance might have something to do with the sock being one of TheMan’s dirty ones? I can’t see why, the cats are perfectly fine with sleeping on the laundry, but whatever. Alright, since I could get no wild wacky drugged kitty pics, here is some of my organizing goodness from two weekends ago.


This shelf was one of the original shelves in TheMan’s cozy living room. It’s sized…”just as nice as it can be” or in other words, it is pretty one use specifically sized and that use is CDs. However, I didn’t let that stop me, no! I crammed stuff into the tiny vignette cubbies and made a sort of shelf diorama out of this thing. Two for one babE! It looks artsy like (does too! Well OK with in a certain Q flair but still, ART!) plus it gave a bunch of stuff a home. I’m all about getting any amount of our accumulated stuff a home of any sort. Well, other than that flat surface right there or on top of this other thing over here. Now I have official cubbies of crap and dog gone it, these things BELONG here. Until I move them, but that’s probably when hell freezes over or the Lions win the Superbowl. Tough odds on which will happen first. So, I guess these are the new mostly permanent homes for the stuff that is there.

We did a little house rearranging (which I wrote about a while back but I’m way too lazy to link to. Hey, did you see all these pic in today’s entry? That was a lot of effort to upload them all, I’m exhausted. Can’t possibly go back a day or two and re-read my stuff to see when I mentioned what. Pfffft!) once we got the two bigger (and much more sanely sized) cubby shelves assembled. This shelf had to cross the entire room and squeeze between the two large book cases but it fits there pretty well. You can see at the bottom left behind the shelf a sort of unflattering view of the handiwork TheMan went to town about. It’s actually a very cool fix for a giant cold air return hole problem which would have swallowed one of the bigger bookcases had he not attached some braces and a plank o’ wood to the braces so the whole bookshelf didn’t end up in our basement. The house has some funky charm and the giant heating/cold air returns are one. Maybe they were standard back then? Who knows! TheMan performed a fix, we scootched the bookshelves and populated the CD cubby. In case you were curious…

From the top. Hee! I slay me. Alright. These are some of my figurine elephants hanging out there with a pair of ebony carved combs (with elephants on them) Mom and Dad Q picked up for me in Africa (whooo!). The lamp is a lamp and it sits there and does its lamp thing. There is an Indianesque looking elephant box behind the left front elephant and a wooden jigsaw puzzle-font behind the right front elephant.

Shelf two is all about time. And rocks. And Transweb pins. OK, so I had a multi thing going here but the pocket watches are from the Sovietski catalog (in the bubble jar type thing) and the other one was TheMan’s Grandfather’s watch. Way in the back you can see a slice of stand up rock. It’s a bit of granite with a nice copper vein running through it. The rest of the rocks are just cool rock bits I have picked up here and there. I thought it made the shelf look like a beach or something. ART!

OK, moving on.

This shelf is ALL about the elephants (versus the top shelf which had a light on it. Usurper light). Hey, I have a lot of figurine elephants…in fact the most of them got packed up and put away in storage so this is more like a representation of my figurine fonts. Here I have two Lennox elephants (one from Aunt Lil’s via MomQ, the other from my mumses), one of the origami-fonts from the wedding (tucked back in there), a cool bronze fella my sis got me at Art Fair long ago, an old old fella my grandmother got me (that’s the one that looks all smudgy. It’s not the pic, that font looks like that in real life), a sweet nuts and bolts font (which I think also came from Art Fair, but my mumses bought it for me) and behind everything is a pretty wicked pottery thing with elephants on it that my dad got me…at Art Fair! Maybe this is the Art Fair elephants shelf?

Next we have the Zen Shelf. No Zen shelf is complete without a little Buddha (that you can burn incense in! Well not the Buddha but the doohickeys around the Buddha have holes for sticking incense in),a gong or those jingly balls whose first name is not Ben. Oh, the rocks. They are pretty cool, but I have to go get the info on them cuz I don’t remember their gig. Just a minute. OK, these are “Sekimori-ishi” stones and they are used to tell people that a certain area is being used for meditation (and go around, idiot! but the Japanese are way too polite to actually say go get your own meditation path, so they chuck these rocks out there instead). I think there is a fan back there too.

And the logical follow up is giant monsters stomping around wreaking havoc. These are our bit chargers and plastic Toho monster guys TheMan and I collected (gathered? Well had a lot of fun buying packs of them to see what monsters we got). How can you not set them up like this? My only regret is that I have no scale sky scrapers to finish the tableau.

The next shelf pic did not come out and I’m too lazy to take another one. It’s just some candles hanging out being boring.

We have a metric ton of these critters. They are Bionicles and I think both of these critters are bad guys but I’m not really sure on that point. The blue guy in the back has some cool leg articulation so he can get all squatty or he can tower over all the other Bionicles and he has a cool swivel head. He also has some wicked two arm swinging action. The shorter rounder fella can fold up into a ball (which is not a talent to sneeze at) and has some wicked head boppin action going on. If you loosen that big plate like thing-it, which would be the logical head on any other critter, and trigger the head boppin action, he/it will fling his/its brain out of the plate like thing-it at his/its opponent. I’m not sure what sort of grand offensive maneuver that is, but I tell you if someone came charging at me and flung their brain I’d probably reevaluate the situation right prompt like.

Oh say, one of our few functional shelves. Here we keep a deck of cards, purchased in Skagway, Alaska, and a cribbage board and domino set. Not purchased in Skagway or Alaska. I think I stole this from my dad.

What? Well, where do you keep your stuffed tomato?

Everything has its place. This is where we file the cat.

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