I’m SsssssUPER, Thanks for Asking!

In retrospect, Tuesday should have been No ASSHATS day. Alessar and I had decided that Monday we would suffer No Asshats, so it became NO ASSHAT day but it was sort of a wasted thing. It was more a No Asshats on account rather than there being an actual need to declare a No Asshat day. But Tuesday, Oi! Asshats out of the woodwork. And I thought we had sprayed for them!

Really, it was just two people who got on my shit list and managed to tip Tuesday from ordinary day with a pretty good start to “I just want to go home…or hit people. I think you would rather I go home”. I have been told I hit rather hard, which always surprises me. I’ve always thought I had a rather wimpy punch. Eh. Anyway, as I said I started out in pretty good spirits. I got a sahweeet parking spot in the Thompson Street Structure (even though the Palmer structure is NEW and Shiny, I opted to test my luck at older but close. Whoot on my 2nd floor spot babE!), headed to the Union for a cup of Joe and ambled to work in the early morning still. I am liking the early morning walk thing, too bad I’m a night owl.

I got in, I started things up and…started things up and…started things up and…hmmm. So I tried starting other things up only to realize nobody in the entire Library was connected to the outside world. Everything was sitting there being all cranky like. Someone mentioned the uppity-up dude from IT was running around like a headless chicken and the news on the street was: Things is gettin looked at. At 9:00 our IT guy calls down wanting me to do something or other for him and I ask if there is an ETA on the getting connected thing. He tells me that the problem is solved, we should already be connected. Well, OK then but tell that to all the computers down here cuz I don’t think they got the memo. He assures me that by clicking the “workstation only” button, I’ll bypass all the problems and be able to get on the net and everything A-OK! Workstation only?!? The itty bitty part of my brain that I delegate for IT matters was jumping up and down at this point in time going “Hey! HEY! Doesn’t “workstation only” mean that you are only working on that station and therefore not connected to all the other tasty places you could be connected to out side of your station? I’m just askin here”. But what do I know? I deleted the entire Windows program once from a PC trying to eradicate IE.

Anyway, that doesn’t work because for once my itty bitty IT brain center was right. Bummer, but don’t worry, if I could just send in a Work Request through the IT website then they’ll get right on to getting everyone connected to the webz. Ummm…hey…we’re not connecting to the web here…hello?

We finally got to venture back into the outside world somewhere around 12:30 (after they realized that the Subs were still down. DOAH! The rest of the LS was up and happy at 9:30 and I guess the IT guys just assumed we were too, and we assumed the IT guys were still working on the problem. Yup, we wuz asses, U and Me) at which point nobody was in the best of moods.

To top it off, my tasty cappuccino tasted like ASS.

All that was yesterday so today I guess it’s all pretty old news. The new news is: I’m having one grand day (no asshats!). I started my day out with a cup of special fancy shmancy coffee at home and then followed it up with a ludicrous sized Starbucks cinnamon spice mocha after TheMan dropped me off. Did you know that Starbucks has three sizes: Large, Grande and Obnoxiously Huge? I ordered a small something-or-other on Monday and the lady hollers “One large something-or-other!”. It freaked me out. “Hey, no wait! Small! Small something-or-other! You give me a large and I’m going to be up all night and halfway into tomorrow! Small! SSSSSSMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!” She laughed at me because I didn’t “get” the Starbuck thang, or whatever (she was laughing at me in the nicest possible way, however, so I didn’t have to kill and eat her right on the spot). What up with the weird sizing? Who (other than Starbucks) starts their smallest size out by calling it a “large”? Today, I skipped the whole mind melt sizing thing and got a super huge oil tanker sized cup and on top of the house Joe I was feelin mighty fine. Mmmm, coffee.

Tonight is the game and some Snack Food reviewing and most importantly, spaghetti with red sauce. I’ve been having a red sauce and spaghetti thing for a couple of days now so I hope today is the day. Come on s’gettis! Other than that, I’m pretty mellow. See ya on the flip side (and maybe with some pics of the other side of the room. You never know, I’ve been a picture taking fool lately. Go me, Mrs. Digi-snap).

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