The Friday Meme Yoinking

Because I like to steal a good meme, I yoinked this one from StalkerPatti.

1. What was your Soylent Green moment? Have you had a moment of “food epiphany” when you decided something needed to change? What was that epiphany?

Have I had an epiphany? I am still having the thing with the beef industry for sure (going on about 13ish years beefless) because they insulted my intelligence as a consumer and have yet to apologize. I’m not sure that’s as much a Soylent Green thing as it me being pissed off with the beef industry. Theoretically I’d still eat cow if it were raised and processed outside the American Beef Industry’s fat greedy clutches (although I don’t think I would because I probably can’t actually digest cow anymore). Maybe I’ve had an epiphany with the lunches; making big batches and packaging them up to take into work for the week. It’s better for you and cheaper and I like to cook. Is that an epiphany?

2. Do you know your nearest neighbors? Draw the block around your house with every house (or each house in your nearest vicinity). Label each with the names of the neighbors you know.

I am TERRIBLE with names so I couldn’t tell you who they were, but I do talk to the neighbors on either side when they are out and around and I am as well. The neighbors straight back I’ll talk to occasionally but they are hardly out and both our back yards are really long so unless she’s trying to get the dog back in the house and the dog (which loves to watch me garden) is hanging around because I’m out in the garden I don’t get to see her. It’s a tricky set of criteria to get to fall all in one place. I think I mostly talk to Max, the dog next door and that conversation runs like this:

ME: Hi Max.
ME: Max, I live here. Shut up.

Sadly, I can name the dogs better than I can name the people. Max is our north yappy dog neighbor. Rex is our somewhat barky but loves him the over-the-fence pettins dog neighbor. Faith likes to watch me garden.

3. What are your real-world skills and abilities? List what you can grow, make, do, or manifest.

Oh dear, come the apocalypse I’m dead. OK, maybe not, I’ve been getting a lot of practice ripping up lawn and wild plantage and digging out root balls so I guess I could clear land. I can also grow vegetables, herbs and flowers with some success. OH! I’m pretty confident that I could cook just about anything given some instructions and I’m pretty confident that the anything will come out palatable (or even tasty!). OooOooOoo! I can crochet too so I can make blankets. Go me! I guess I’m decent with power tools so I can make “stuff” but I’d only give me a C+ or so in that skill (bought the skill but don’t have any points in it). TheMan and I make wine, but he does the lion’s share of the work there. Still, I could make my own batch of wine if I had to.

Wait, wait! I thought of a couple more skills! I can fish (both sinker lure and fly fishing) and my grandpa taught me how to clean and gut my catch…although that’s a skill I’m happier letting lie fallow actually. Yuck.

4. What foods are you currently growing and could you be growing in your own yard? List them, including things like bees, chickens, fruit trees.

Currently I have a metric ton of potential tomatoes. I’ll also have a whole lot of hot peppers waiting to flower and fruit (hey! Peppers planted from the seeds of peppers that I dried last year so I can do that too!). I have ugly grey pumpkins, winter squash, cukes and some surprise squashoid thing which I thought at first was my missing winter squash plant but upon closer inspection it’s not *quite* the same leaf configuration as the winter squash (Mystery Squash!). I also have some sweet peppers, chives, oregano, lavash, horseradish and horehound. I think you can do some food something with coneflowers but I’d have to look that up. I have coneflowers though.

We could have chickens if Ypsi passes the chicken coop proposal but I wouldn’t want to. Too much work. Bees would be awesome though! I’d love to research about keeping bees if I suddenly became a bee steward.

EC1. For extra credit: list your neighbors’ skills and abilities.

Ummmm…OH! My north neighbor is a nurse (and graduated from Ohio State. Or maybe his wife did and he graduated from U of M. One or the other, they have this neat bifurcated flag with UM and OSU on it that says “A House Divided”) and my south neighbor is pretty handy with the landscaping but I think he works in an ITish field.

EC2. And for even more extra credit, on your neighborhood map, label any other sources of food like: a farmstand, an abandoned apple tree, a neighbor’s overgrown patch of rhubarb.

The Chick Inn lives kitty corner from our block, the convenience store is one block(ish) south of us, the brew pub is about 6 blocks west and 2 blocks south…what? Those are too sources of food!

I think the only one who has an overgrown patch of rhubarb is us actually.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    The black dog on your left (as you are looking at your house) loves to watch me in the potato patch. (Sorry, I don’t know NEWS directions). He is very cute and seems interested in what I am doing. In his doggy brain, he is surely pondering how he will treat me when dogs develop opposable thumbs and take over the world. I hope he remembers me fondly.

  2. boo Says:

    Is that the left as you are facing the house walking up to the front door (in which case the dog is Rex) or is that to the left facing the house from your potato patch (in which case the dog is Max).

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